Can You Make Money On Youtube? …You Betcha! Here’s How…


UPDATE: Since publishing this post, I’ve created a new post with updated methods on how to make money with Youtube from start to finish.

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Okay guys…

You know I LOVE Youtube, and if you’ve been on my Newsletter for any lengh of time, you would of got FREE access to my fantastic course… The Rapid Cash System that basically answers the question, Can you make money on Youtube with a astounding YES!

But lately, something happened that really shot my Youtube income into orbit. Can you guess what it is? Well let me tell you.

can you make money on youtube videos

Youtube sent me an email the other day saying they wanted me to join their Partnership program. What this entails is they allow you to put Google Adsense on the pages where you’ve got your videos on Youtube, and if anyone clicks on those ads… You get a commission!

Okay granted, it ain’t mega bucks, in fact it’s can be anything from 1 cent to a couple of dollars per click but that doesn’t bother me in the slightest as  I’ve literally got thousands and thousands of videos uploaded that are again, getting thousands of views every single day! As you can see, this adds up to be a pretty tidy sum that builds up nicely in my Google Adsense account.

Can You Make Money On Youtube? …You Betcha! Here’s How…


Another cool thing is, it hasn’t affected my conversions on my Rapid Cash System videos either as people don’t seem bothered about the ads popping up before the video and the little popup ad that comes on while the video is playing.

Okay, So I’m pretty sure that’s answered the “Can you make money on Youtube?” question but there is a major bummer I’ve found out of all this, however I think it’ll only affect the people like me who’ve got a gazillion videos, and that is… You have to activate the ads feature individually!

can you make money on youtube from views

Now like I said before, this ain’t gonna be a problem for most people as most people will only have a handful of videos on Youtube, but if you’re in the same boat as me… Prepare to sit down – for a few hours – and click that left mouse button a few thousand times!

But hey, at the end of the day, this is what I call a “quality problem” and I’ve been well compensated since and will continue to be so 😉

Now for the hard bit. Well it’s not hard but not everyone will be able to get on the program. It’s kinda like a “Invite Only” thing. I don’t know if you have to meet a certain criteria like your Channel has to get a certain amount of views or if it’s a manual review of your account to see if you’re worthy of joining their Partnership… All I know is, I got an email one day to join. So my best advice to you is… START TODAY!

Seriously, start making tons of videos and upload them to Youtube… As in right now! And over time, the views will come and as result… So will the the invitation to join their Youtube Adsense Partnership program.

Hopefully that answers the question “Can you make money on Youtube?“, with a big fat greasy YES, So go forth, take action, and start seeing results!

Speak later!

James Scholes


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  1. Very interesting!
    I always try to do, but did not get a good response.

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