How To Download Youtube Videos WITHOUT Using Software (It’s Quicker & Easier Too)


Hey guys, James here 🙂

Just made a new video and I figured I’d share it with you guys. It’s all about downloading videos from Youtube to your computer using this super cool and easy to implement method I’ve never seen before.

So what makes this method super cool I hear you cry?

Well, you already may know how to download Youtube videos to your PC – and like me – you was probably using some free software to download it?

Well if so, then you’re gonna love the simplicity of this! Why? Because you don’t need software to download your Youtube videos so you won’t have to worry about getting your computer infected with Spyware, Malware… Or any of that kinda stuff that can screw up your computer.

And another thing that may surprise you is just how easy this is to do! You always think if you get software to do something, then it’s gonna make the job easier right?… Well, not in this case anyway 🙂

All you do is this little trick I’m about to show you and BOOM! You’ll be downloading your fav Youtube videos in no time at all!

Anyway – here’s how to download Youtube videos without using software… Enjoy!


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Link to Youtube video: Download youtube videos


…And that’s it 🙂

Well either way, let me know and leave a comment below in the comment section as I would love to hear what you think.So what do you think? Enjoyed the video?

Found it helpful? Maybe you thought it sucked monkey balls (can’t please everyone)?

…Also, don’t forget to share the love by hitting those adorable little social sharing buttons you see dotted all over the site… Didn’t put ’em there just for shits & giggles y’know 😉

Anyway, that’s it for today folks, if you’ve got any videos you’d like to see, or maybe you’re struggling with something related to internet marketing, getting traffic… Or anything like that for that matter, then leave a comment – let me know what it is and if I get time, I’ll make a video and share it with you and the rest of my list and readers 🙂

So till then… Have a great day!

James Scholes

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15 Replies to “How To Download Youtube Videos WITHOUT Using Software (It’s Quicker & Easier Too)”

  1. Hey James, this is great… Thank you!

    I didn’t even know you could download Youtube videos, let alone as easy as that!

    All you do is put “SS” in the browser…? Crazy.

    Thanks for the share and keep them coming.


  2. Ha! Just did it now and it works!

    Thanks for sharing your awesome knowledge James 🙂

  3. You’re welcome Sherman.

    Yeah, it’s super easy to do and now you don’t need software to do it anymore.

    I wouldn’t of known about it if it wasn’t for my brother. He told me about it the other night in passing and I was shocked just how easy it was to do.

    Thanks for stopping by anyway, Sherman, I appreciate it 🙂


  4. Great isn’t it.

    It’s so simple to do as well – you can literally do it on the fly now. Don’t need to boot up software or any of that kinda stuff anymore.

    James Scholes

  5. Thanks james, just tried it on your video and it worked lol

    Great tip this and I can’t wait to use it!


  6. Wow! I can’t believe how easy you made that! I will be using this method for sure… Thank you…You always manage to teach me something new:-)

  7. Hey Kellie,

    I know, it’s the simplicity of it that blew me away.

    I’ve been using software to do this previously but when I was shown this – just couldn’t believe how easy it was.

    Anyway – thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment Kellie… Really appreciate it 🙂

    James Scholes

  8. hey james my name is harley idk if you remember me. i have now built a site that is pretty targeted and doesnt even have ads in it yet. im trying to get it on google before i put aff links in it. im working on backlinks now lol check it out and tell me what you think if you have the time. i like the way you comment box works too what plugin is that?

  9. Hey Harley,

    I assume that’s your site you’ve entered below your comment? If so, all you need is 1000+ worded, high quality articles with images and videos… Basically making it “media rich” if you know what I mean.

    Everything else… It’s all about backlinking so you’ll need a high, diverse range of backlinks pointing back to your sites.

    The plugin btw, is called Comment Luv Premium and I thoroughly recommend it!

    Anyway – good luck with your site Harley and thanks for stopping by 🙂


  10. Thanks James, I will use this a lot.

  11. Hey James,
    Thanks for your creative info, in my opinion, it’s like you’re do’n the exploration for us! And it’s most appreciated. For those of you who are new to James’ strategies N techniques, PAY ATTENTION!, I’ve been follow’n James for a bit now, N he’s opened up loads of opportunities N has helped me earn my first commissions on line. Ya just can’t ask for a more down to earth mentor. N James, fun fun bout your candid posts, means to me your have’n fun. When you love what ya do, it’s no longer a job.
    Thanks Again James,

  12. You’re welcome, buddy.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment as well… Really appreciate it 🙂

    James Scholes

  13. Hey Edward… Thanks for the awesome endorsement – means a lot when people say that.

    Got some more cool stuff planned in the near future that I’ll be sharing with you guys so keep your eyes peeled for it.

    Thanks again and speak soon buddy 🙂

    James Scholes

  14. Thanks James! I’m downloading a video right now, instead of using iLivid. This is a lot easier!

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