How to Get Thousands of REAL Followers on Twitter Everyday on Complete Auto-Pilot!


Hey wassup, it’s James here 🙂

Today I figured I’d share one of my most powerful secrets I use to drive traffic to my sites, Blogs, and squeeze pages.

In fact, I drive thousands of people to my site every single week of this one little method you’re about to see but what makes it really cool is it’s totally automated!

Yup that’s right, you set it up once, and it brings in traffic around the clock… And you don’t have to touch a thing.

Cool huh 🙂

Okay, so you’ve probably figured where I’m getting this traffic from as the title is a big bleedin’ clue, but the weird ones who read blog posts without reading titles (is there anyone who actually does that?)… It’s good ol’ Twitter.

So do you want me to show you I get thousands of new followers each and every week that results hundreds of true “set & forget” clicks to my sites and offers every single week without fail? Well you better ’cause I’m gonna show you how right now!


===Resources Mentioned in the Video===

Free $688 a day video course

Evergreen Wealth Formula


Youtube video: How to Get Followers on Twitter Fast


What did you think? Do you use Twitter? If not, will you now? What are your traffic sources you use? Either way, I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on this.

So leave a comment below and let me know what you think. Who knows… We could share some golden nuggets with each other and grow each other’s traffic 🙂

James Scholes

10 Replies to “How to Get Thousands of REAL Followers on Twitter Everyday on Complete Auto-Pilot!”

  1. Hey thanks James

    I’ve got your Evergreen Wealth Formula btw and I’ve implemented this module and I must say it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done.

    To keep growing traffic, you just keep adding new accounts and the traffic grows and grows. As it goes, I’ve got it set up so I don’t have to touch it for months… Yet I fiddle around with it everyday lol

    Thanks James and once again, EWF rocks!


  2. Thanks Sherman,

    Yeah this traffic method is really good ’cause it brings me (and my EFW members) hundreds of leads our sites everyday and I would say it’s the only true automated traffic method I really know.

    You really can set it up and let it run for months without touching it.

    Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment Sherman… I appreciate it 🙂

    James Scholes

  3. I’ve followed your Twitter module too in the Evergreen Wealth Formula and I’m now getting over 200 a day to my blog.

    The only thing with this way of getting traffic from Twitter is you need to leave your computer on 24/7 to maximize the full of potential of this.

    But hey, I’m cool with this!

    Cool post as per usual James. Keep those videos coming.


  4. Hey Luke,

    Yeah, I know what you mean with leaving the comp on. I’ve ended up buying a new lappy just for the sole purpose of running Tweetadder.

    But it’s totally worth it as I’ve quickly reaped back the cost of the laptop in no time whatsoever.

    Glad you’re having success with it… It’s an easy traffic method that is really scaleable.

    Thanks Luke and have a great day buddy!

    James Scholes

  5. i rely appreciate everything sofa, but don’t know how to start yet thank

  6. Hi James,
    Thanks for the video.
    Looks like Tweetadder are changing things up a little with a newer version out tomorrow.
    ‘To comply with Twitter terms of service’ I winder what they are changing, hopefully your system will still work.
    Keep the videos coming 🙂

    ps – what is the plugin you use for the ‘tick box’ that autosubscribes people when they comment?


  7. Yeah I know, just made this video and it could be (potentially) out of date lol.

    Well I’ve just restarted Tweetadder and it’s currently hasn’t asked me to update yet but when it does – and if it dramatically changes, then I’ll be revising the entire Twitter Module inside of the

    What do I use for the Auto Subscribes? I use this super cool program called Hybrid Connect:

    But it does SO MUCH MORE than that. If you’re into list building you must own this tool ’cause it manages all your optin boxes on your Blog.

    If you look around my Blog, you’ll see optin boxes in the “Side panel”, bottom of every post I make, and of course… The popup window.

    This plugin manages everything and it’s super easy to use (no HTML coding or any of that jazz). So yeah, fully recommend it buddy.

    They keep updating it as well so it’s not a “here today, gone tomorrow” thing like you see all the time with, say WSOs.

    Thanks for stopping by anyway Bri 🙂

    James Scholes

  8. Awesome Video James 🙂

    I have never used twitter for marketing, in fact I hardly use twitter, but Now I am going to use it the way you just showed in the video, thanks 🙂

    I have been following you from almost a year now 🙂 very happy

  9. Tweetadder is closed

  10. Hey Scott,

    Yeah, Tweetadder is no more, unfortunately.

    Thankfully, there’s tons of software and online services that will do everything Tweetadder did.

    So Google around and see what comes up.

    James Scholes

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