How to Make $2,000 a Month From Home | Passive Income Guide

How to Make $2,000 a Month From Home | Free Passive Income Guide


Right then, you’re in for a treat today.

…Especially if you’re looking for a quick and easy way of making money online from home.

Let me breakdown what you’re getting and why it’s a big deal…

Today, I’m going to show you how to make $2,000 a month from home from start to finish.

Well, I say $2,000 a month, but truth be known, you can make way more than that.

In fact, if you’re willing to put the work in, you can make as much as you want with this.

So whether you want to make $2,000 a month, or even $10,000 a month, it’s entirely possible with this guide

I’ve even got a few friends making even more than that with what you’re getting today.

So yeah, if you’re willing to put the work in, you can make as much as you want with this 🙂

Now before you jump right into this training, there’s something you need to be prepared for.

This free guide will show you how to make $2,000 a month from home of passive income in an easy to follow step by step manner.

That is, this training on how to make $2,000 a month passively online is long, as in, over 3 hours long.

This is because you’re not just getting a guide per-se, but a fully fledged course designed to walk you step by step through the entire process.

Everything’s covered in this video course, and I truly mean that too…

Everything from the beginner stages of getting a powerful SEO domain using free methods.

Right up to setting up, optimising and monetising your website for maximum profitability.

And of course, I cover the all-in-important aspect of getting free passive traffic to your newly built website too.

This traffic is scalable too, meaning, you can scale up your traffic as high as you want.

…And the higher you scale up your traffic, the more affiliate commissions and sales you’ll make.

So yeah, every single aspect on how to make money online from start to finish is covered in a single video 🙂

Here’s what you’ll be learning in this course on how to make $2,000+ a month from home

As I said, this is a 3 hour plus course rolled into one single video.

So to make it super easy for you to navigate around this training, I’ll list all the timestamps to every module in the video.

This is everything you need to know on how to make a passive income online you can scale up over time.

This way, you can quickly navigate around the course and jump to the part you’re currently working on.

Here’s the timestamps for each of the 10 modules in this course anyway…

Here’s the chapters and time stamps:

    • 0:00 – Introduction
    • 1:31 – How to find a high authority domain using free methods
    • 18:00 – Setting up your hosting and installing WordPress
    • 36:40 – Setting up and optimising WordPress for SEO
    • 1:16:35 – How to speed up WordPress for SEO
    • 1:42:20 – How to do keyword research using free methods
    • 1:54:12 – How to find a profitable affiliate offer and create content
    • 2:11:10 – How to do on-page SEO for optimal rankings
    • 2:29:22 – How to do off-page SEO to get first page rankings
    • 2:54:15 – Use my Super Backlink method to rank your post no:1 in Google

Okay, so you know what’s covered in this course and how to navigate around it.

With all that out of the way, lets get to the meat and potatoes of why you’re here…

So without further ado, here’s how to make $2,000 a month from home passively online:

===Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Video===

Free “$688 a day” course


I really hope you enjoyed this course on how to passively make $2,000 a month online from home with a WordPress blog.

Like I said, this is scalable – so providing you’re willing to put the work in – you can make as much as you want with this.

Anyway, If you have questions regarding any aspect of this training, feel free to ask in the comment section below…

At the end of the day, my priority is to help you guys get the results you’re after.

So please, don’t hesitate to ask if you get stuck on anything – I’m here to help, remember 🙂

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Yes, you can get my latest affiliate marketing course free of charge, however…

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The reason why you can get this course free today is because I need testimonials for it.

Once I’ve got enough testimonials, then my new course will no longer be available for free.

And I’ll level with you…

The way things are going, I’ll be hitting my quota testimonial-wise in the next day or so.

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Anyway, with that said, thanks for stopping by and checking this post on how to make $2,000 a month from home.

And hopefully, I’ll see you in the member’s area for my new affiliate marketing course too 🙂


James Scholes


How to Make $2,000 a Month From Home | Free Passive Income Guide

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