Veena Prashanth’ Sheer Greed Astounds Me (DAP UPDATE)

Dealing with Veena Prashanth & Her Greed (DAP UPDATE)


Right then, I figured I’d give you guys a quick update on my Digital Access Pass review and what happened next.

If you remember, DAP didn’t work and the paid support was absolutely dreadful.

In fact, the support was so bad, they’d stopped replying to my emails, altogether.

Needless say, I wasn’t a fan and I wouldn’t recommend it to my worse enemy, even if you paid me.

Anyway, there has been an update since writing my DAP review that I wanted to share with you.

So what’s this exciting and thrilling DAP update I hear you cry?

Well, I’ve finally had a response from DAP support and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

It’s took them an entire month to reply to my emails, but hey, better late than never, I guess.

Anyway, I wanted to share this with you guys because I genuinely believe this is teachable moment we can all learn something from.

It’s basically a masterclass in how NOT to treat your customers (you’ll see what I mean in just a minute).

Now before I share what DAP support replied with, I just want to give you a quick recap so we’re all on the same page.

First up, I’ve been dealing with Veena Prashanth who turns out to be the co-founder and co-owner of DAP.

Picture of Veena Prashanth

This is Veena Prashanth. Don’t let that friendly face fool you – she dodges support tickets like Neo dodges bullets in the Matrix…

So you’d think, if you’re dealing with the co-owner of the business, you’d get top-notch service, right?

Well, it appears not to be the case because Veena’s been responsible for the following:

    • She assured me I’d get 1 year of email support before purchasing DAP
    • I paid multiple installation fees but Veena Prashanth didn’t install DAP correctly
    • Veena Prashanth said she would refund the duplicate installation fee but never did
    • She has since been ignoring my emails for a month (until now, that is)

So yeah, makes for pretty grim reading, that’s for sure.

So what did Veena Prashanth reply with?

Did she start her email with an apology for taking an entire month to reply to my emails?

Did Veena Prashanth finally offer to install DAP correctly like I originally paid her to do?

Did Veena email me to say she’s finally refunded me the duplicate payment like she said she would?

Well, I’ll stop building the suspense and I’ll get straight to the point…

Here’s Veena Prashanth’s reply:


Please purchase 1 hour support here:

https://www. VeenaWantsEvenMoreMoney. com

We’ll setup a call with you to troubleshoot this issue.


It took Veena Prashanth 26 days to reply to my emails and instead of answering any of my questions, she basically just asks for even more money for support… Which I’ve already paid for multiple times over.

I read that and I literally thought… Wow.

I’d waited an entire month for this email, and instead of answering my questions, I’ve now got to pay for even more support.

Has Veena forgotten I’ve already paid for email support and multiple installation fees (which she never delivered on)?

Most likely not, but you know, you can never have enough of the green stuff, I guess.

Seriously though, I would never treat a customer like this in a million years, I really wouldn’t.

First up, I’d apologise profusely about the late reply. 26 days to reply back is frankly terrible – especially for paid support.

Then, I’d offer to fix the problems they’re having with my product straight away at no additional cost, whatsoever.

I would never have the arrogance to demand even more money when I haven’t even delivered on the previous services my customer originally paid for.

I was just shocked by the sheer arrogance and greed shown in Veena’s email, I really was.

So how did I reply to Veena Prashanth’ email?

Well for starters, you probably think I’d gone in guns blazing with an angrily written email, right?

And hey, I think most would agree that’s a perfectly justified response to a situation like this. I’ve literally been ripped off by DAP, after all.

I mean, if I treated a customer like this, I would fully expect them to go crackers with me – and you know what – I’d suck it all up because I would have deserved every single bit of it.

However, I decided to tackle this in a different way, mainly for the fact that I’ve dealt with Veena Prashanth before…

And the one thing I’ve learned about Veena is that she doesn’t respond well to criticism – regardless how wrong she is.

It’s not just me saying this too…

I’ve seen a few people say the exact same thing about Veena in their DAP reviews (Which I’ll be touching on later).

So it’s not just me who’ve felt the wrath of Veena, it appears.

Anyway, here’s what I said to Veena Prashanth:

Hi Veena,

To be honest, I didn’t think you was going to reply back to my emails.

It’s been around a month since I’ve been waiting for a reply (26 days to be exact).

Regarding what you said in your previous email: I think I’ll stick with the email support.

I have paid for a whole year of email support which I want to take advantage of.

Plus, I’ve already paid multiple installation fees but you never installed it correctly.

So I do think you should login and finally install it correctly as I’ve paid (twice) for this service.

You also said you was going to refund me for the duplicate installation purchase but you never did, unfortunately.

Also, you do say this on your site as well:

“You get Unlimited ticket-based support with your purchase of DAP. You can open as many support tickets as you want, and we will work with you until the issue is resolved.”

And this too:

“our famous, passionate, bordering-on-insanity technical support. We call it.. “Not Just Technical Support, But FANATIC’nical Support”, our best-in-the-industry tech support service – for help when you need it.”

So I would love to get what you advertise on your sales page that I’ve paid for, please.

To be honest, I was going to share my experience in the Warrior Forum Product Review section.

However, now that you’ve replied, we can hopefully resolve this issue.

Anyway, thank you for finally replying back (I do genuinely appreciate it) and I look forward to get DAP working like advertised 🙂


My reply to Veena Prashanth

Despite what I’ve gone through with DAP, I kept my reply to Veena Prashanth civil and polite.

As you can see – despite what I’ve gone through with DAP – I kept my email ultra polite.

I started off by reminding Veena Prashanth how long it’s took her to reply to my email because I wanted her to know how shockingly bad her paid support is.

I then list of all things I’ve paid for she’s failed to deliver on (which is everything by the way!).

After that, I quoted Veena’s own site back at her to drive home the fact she’s not delivering on the claims she’s making on her own sales page.

I even mentioned I may even do a post about DAP in the biggest public forum in the marketing niche, the Warrior Forum (seriously, this alone would motivate most product vendors into action – nobody wants bad press, after all).

And like I said, you can see I was polite throughout the entire email – I even thanked her for taking 26 days to reply to my email… You can’t get more polite than that, can ya!

So the question is, what was Veena Prashanth’ reply to my email?

Well, let me put it this way: it’s been 12 days and I’m still twiddling my thumbs waiting for a reply.

But even if Veena Prashanth does reply after publishing this post, 12+ days is simply too long – especially for paid support.

Personally, I would have thought me telling her I was going to post about this in the Warrior Forum would have motivated her to take action and fix the issues I’m having with DAP.

I say this because the Warrior Forum is a huge authority site and with some simple on-page SEO, a Warrior Forum thread can fly right to the top of the search results.

In fact, if you look at the keyword “Digital Access Pass review”, you can already see the Warrior Forum as a cluster of results at the top of the search results:

Warrior Forum and Digital Access Pass in search results

If you could sway what is said about you and your product on the first page of Google for your product’s keywords, wouldn’t you at least take advantage of this? Yeah well, it turns out Veena Prashanth couldn’t care less what people say about her and DAP.

All I have to do is either start my own thread or post in the ones already ranked and share my experience – and believe me – by the time I’m done, nobody’s buying DAP.

But no, not even that can motivate the great Veena Prashanth to resolve this issue. She must not care about people publicly bashing her product online?

Either way, she doesn’t give a [email protected]$t. I guess it’s pretty badass when you think about it, so she’s got that going for her.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Simple – don’t treat your customers like Veena Prashanth does.

Yeah, she might be a successful business women, but if she keeps this up, it will lead to her business’s downfall.

You can already see it’s having a negative affect on her business…

For starters, there’s already customers bringing up the bad support in those Warrior Forum threads I mentioned earlier.

I guarantee they will lose sales on a regular basis just on this alone.

Then there’s another site ranked on the first page for their keyword. I actually spoke to the owner of this site and she told me Veena Prashanth called her nasty and rude (or something along those lines).

In fact, you can see what see she said here:

Veena Prashanth calling her customer rude and nasty

This lady wasn’t the only one who’s felt the wrath of Veena Prashanth either. The more I looked, the more I could find others who wasn’t a fan of Veena and her quite frankly terrible support practices.

So what did this lady do after being sold a broken product then called “rude and nasty” by Veena Prashanth?

She dropped DAP like a hot-rock, went with another membership plugin then wrote a negative review for DAP.

Once again, this lady’s review will turn customers away and DAP will lose even more sales as a result.

Then there’s little ol’ me…

I’ve had an absolutely horrible experience and what did I do? I’ve also wrote a review on Digital Access Pass – and I guarantee you – anyone who reads my review will not be buying DAP, that’s for sure!

Can you see a pattern emerging here?

Well this is what happens when you treat your customers like cash cows then discard them once you’ve milked them dry.

Slowly but surely, the tides start to turn against you. Sure, you can handle one bad review, but a few months later another one appears, then another, then another one, and so on and so on.

It’s kinda like a death of a thousand paper cuts…

You don’t notice the first one, or the first dozen for that matter.

But after a while, they start to build up – and before you know it – you’re in agony and begging for it to stop because you can’t handle it anymore.

And the way things are going, it won’t be long before Veena Prashanth and her business ends up in this position.

Anyway, what’s your take on this? Let me know down below in the comment section – love to hear your thoughts on this.

James Scholes


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Dealing with Veena Prashanth & Her Greed (DAP UPDATE)


  • Anna

    This all sounds wwwaaayyy too familiar! I have been working with DAP for an extended period of time and it has been by far the WORST experience of my life when it comes to ANY type of support.

    And I have paid them hundreds of dollars in just support slots. And still have all of the same problems.

    I still have tickets from a year ago that they never acknowledged.

    Their product is a hack, just like them…

    I have also been called rude by her and we have had the “tech call” and things have gotten ugly on more than one occassion in real-time.

    You are correct… the greed of Veena is nauseating…

    Thanks for sharing your experience so I don’t feel so bad now…

  • No, thank you, Anna… Really appreciate you stopping by and sharing your thoughts on Digital Access Pass and Veena Prashanth.

    It’s simply shocking how they’re still open for business selling a product that doesn’t work and how they treat their customers.

    Just like you, this was without a doubt the worst customer support experience I’ve ever had… And I paid for this support too!

    Anyway, feel free to point people to this post if you encounter anyone considering Digital Access Pass or doing business with Veena Prashanth in general.

    Thanks again,

    James Scholes

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