Trick The Youtube Algorithm | Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE


Okay, guys…

Welcome to the first module in my new series on how to get explosive growth on Youtube for free.

Now what you’ll be learning in this module is the foundation we’ll be building everything on.

So you need to keep this in mind at all times when you’re implementing this entire training series.

So what exactly will you be learning in this Youtube training Series?

In this part of the Youtube training series, I’ll be showing you my new MCU formula.

What’s cool about this MCU formula is that it tricks the Youtube algorithm in our favour.

Well, I say “trick” the Youtube algorithm, but really we’re just feeding the Youtube algorithm exactly what it wants.

How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

Regardless, when you do this, Youtube will promote your videos to millions of their users everyday.

The end result is that you’ll get a ton of views and subscribers from Youtube for free.

You can then make money with affiliate marketing or from the ad revenue your videos generate.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, “MCU” stands for Marvel Cinematic Universe as well.

I know what you’re thinking…

“What’s the Marvel Cinematic Universe have to do with tricking the Youtube Algorithm and getting more views and subscribers for free?”

How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

Use my MCU formula to trick the Youtube algorithm to get your more free views and subscribers faster than ever before

Well hopefully, by the time you get to the end of this training, it’ll all make sense to you 😉

So when you put this MCU formula into action, expect:

    • A massive boost to your WatchTime and click through rate on Youtube
    • Youtube to promote your videos to millions of their users everyday for free
    • Get a lot more views and subscribers than you would using regular methods

So yeah, as you can see, you’re going to massively benefit when you put this MCU formula into action.

It really is a simple, yet powerful way of getting more Youtube views and subscribers than ever before.

A quick heads up before we begin hacking away at the Youtube Algorithm for more views & subscribers…

This is going to be a little different from the training I normally put out.

Reason being, I normally use screen capture as I find that’s the best way to teach, usually.

However, I felt it just didn’t convey the message in an interesting and insightful way this time around.

After trying a few different formats, I’ve hopefully found the best one that resinates with you guys the most.

So please, let me know in the comment section below if you like this style or not.

If not, no worries, I won’t make these type of videos again.

Just thought I’d give you a heads up as some long time viewers may find the different style a little jarring.

Okay, now that we’ve got that out of the way, lets get to the fun stuff…

Here’s how to trick the Youtube Algorithm and get more views and subscribers on Youtube for free:

What You’ll Be Learning Today:

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Watch Training in Video Format

If you prefer watching than reading, then here’s today’s training in video format:

How to TRICK The Youtube Algorithm & Hack your Way to MORE Views and Subscribers for FREE [PART 2]

However, if you prefer reading, then here’s the written version of this training…

How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get More Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE (Text/Image version)


Personally, I think this training is better consumed and makes more sense when viewed as a video.

However, if you don’t want to watch the video, you can go through the slides used in the video below.

Today, I’m Going To Show You…

How The MCU Helped Me to RAPIDLY Grow My Youtube Channel and Get Me MORE Views and MORE Subscribers Than Ever Before

…And You Can Also Copy This Stupid-Simple Formula and Explode Your Channel’s Growth Overnight

And Not Only That…

This “MCU Formula” Will Literally FORCE Youtube to Promote Your Videos to Millions of Their Users Every Single Day for Years

Plus, This Will Happen MINUTES From Publishing Your Videos and Youtube Will Do This For You 100% FREE of Charge As Well

Okay, Okay…

So You’re Probably Sat There Thinking This All Sounds Great An’ll, BUT…

What The Hell…

Has Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Got To Do With Growing Your Youtube Channel?

Well, Let Me Tell You How I Stumbled Across This

You See, For Sometime Now…

My Youtube Channel Had Died of a Slow, Painful Death

As In, It Wasn’t Generating The Views and Getting The Subscribers Like It Use To

Butt, you know what…?

At The Time…

I Was Totally Cool With it Because I Had Plenty of Other Stuff Going Off in The Background

In fact, I Was Generating My Traffic and Income From Dozens of Sources so My Channel Tanking Was No Biggie For Me

And While We’re on This…

Always, Always…

Diversify Your Traffic and Income Sources Like Your Life Depends on It

You Should NEVER Put Your Eggs in ONE Basket Otherwise You’re Setting Yourself Up to Fail in The Long Run


I’m Going Off-Track Here

So, like I was saying…

My Channel Was Deader Than Dead-Wood Laying Dead in a Ditch 

Seriously, That’s How Dead it Was

But As Time Went By…

I Started to Amass NEW and EXCITING Ways of Generating Traffic and Making Money Online

And I’ve Always Found The BEST Way to Share These Methods With You Guys Was Through Video

So a Few Months Later…

I Had an Ingenious Idea!

And That Was…

I Figured I Would Try Reviving My Channel By Posting Videos To It Again

(I Know, Right… I Don’t Know Where I Get It Sometimes)

So The Work Had Begun…

I Put My “Genius” Idea Into Action and Started Making Brand Spanking New Videos For My Channel

…And You Know What? You Guys Were Gonna Love Them!

Finally, The First Video Was Wrapped Up and Done

It Was Over 20 Minutes of Pure Content My Target Audience Was Going To Love

I Even Did My Keyword Research and Optimised Every Single Aspect of The Video to Guarantee it’s Success

Seriously, This Was Bullet-Proof

There’s No Way This Was Going to Fail!

So With That Said…

I Published My First Video and Blasted an Email to My Subscriber List

All I Had to Do Then Was Kick Back, Relax and Watch The Views and Sales Pour In… Easy Peasy!

So What Happened After Posting The Video?

The Views Were Pouring In, I Was Getting Tons of Likes and Positive Comments Saying How Awesome The Video Was

Basically, Everything’s Going Fan-Dabby-Dozy, Just As I planned…

A Few Days Later…

My Views Started to Rapidly Go Down and My Video Was Sinking Quicker Than The Titanic in The Search Results

I Thought What Was Going On? I Did Everything Right?

I Thought; Okay, No Problemo…

I’ve Got Plenty of Awesome Video Ideas – I’ll Just Keep Pumping Them Out Until I get The Results I’m After

Besides, You Should NEVER Expect to Hit a Home Run on Your First Try – You’ve Gotta Keep at it

So I made Another

And Guessed What Happened…?

Yup, You Guessed It…

After a Few Days, The Video Started to Tank Just Like The Last One

And It Kept Happening With Every Single Video I Posted Too

What Was I Doing Wrong?

Did Youtube Hate Me? Did My Methods No Longer Work?

Whatever it Was, it Looks Like I wasn’t Going to Get Answers Any Time Soon

So Just Like Before…

I Stopped Posting Videos as They Wasn’t Getting Me The Results Like They Use To

…And Then Decided to Focus on Scaling Up More Profitable Aspects of My Business, Instead

Okay, You’re Probably Sat There Thinking…

What The Bloody Hell Happened To This New Fangled Marvel Formula I Mentioned at The Start of This Video?

You Know The One… The One That FORCES Youtube to Promote Your Video Everyday to Millions of Their Users for FREE? 

Well, You See, at The Time…

I Was Getting Pretty Invested in The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Now Don’t Get Me Wrong…

I Ain’t No Fanboy or Hardcore Cinema Buff

…But I’ve Got to Admit, I Was Getting Sucked in The Overall Story Arc of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

In fact, I Remember Watching…

The Original Iron Man Way Back in 2008 

I Thought it Was a Decent Enough Movie, But There Was ONE Part That REALLY Stood Out About it

When The Movie Ended and The Credits Were Rolling…

I Was About to Stop The Movie – But Suddenly – Another Scene Started

I Remember Thinking “Eh Up, What’s The Craic Here” 

As I Watched This Scene Unfold…

It Was Basically Setting Up The Next Movie in The Franchise

But it Was More Than That…

It Wasn’t Just Setting Up a Sequel But an ENTIRE Universe 

A Universe That Was Going to Contain Dozens of Franchises With Hundreds and Hundreds of Characters Within Them

And as These Movies Came Out Later…

They All Were Directly Connected and Promoting Each Other

All Adding Up to One Big, Ongoing Story… Kinda Like a Soap Opera

The MORE I Watched, The MORE Invested I got

I Even Found Myself Watching The Ones I Didn’t Care For Because EVERY Movie Was Involved in Telling The Bigger, Overall Story

…And I Didn’t Want to Miss a SINGLE Beat of it!

But Here’s the BEST Part…

I Was Basically Spending Money on Stuff I Didn’t Want to See!

That’s Ingenious When You Think About it 

And Yet, Despite This…

Each Movie in The MCU Told a Self-Contained Story Within The Movie Itself

So You Could Jump In at ANY Point, Not Seen ANY of The Previous Movies in The MCU and Still Enjoy That Particular Movie Regardless

And The Numbers Don’t Lie Either…

It’s Gone On to Break ALL Box Office Records and Has Become The BIGGEST Movie Franchise… Ever

…It’s Now Even Bigger Than Star Wars

So You’re Probably Thinking;

“What The Hell Has This Got to Do With Growing My Youtube Channel, James?”

Well, Here’s The Payoff…

You See, it Got Me Thinking…

Whenever I See Something Extremely Successful in Life, I Always Think How Can I Copy Indoctrinate That Into My Own Marketing?

Because if it Works For Them, it’s Likely to Work For Me Too

Then Suddenly, I thought…

Why Don’t I Create My Own Inter-Connected Universe of Videos

…And Each Video Would DIRECTLY Promote The Following Videos in This Mini-Universe of Mine

And if They Wanted The FULL Lowdown…

They Would Have to Watch The ENTIRE Collection of Videos to Get The Full-Fat Experience

And Even if They Didn’t Watch The Entire Series…

Each Video Could Be Still Enjoyed as it’s Own Stand-Alone Experience

But Still Make People So Compelled… It Literally FORCES Them to Watch The Next Video in The Series

So Here’s What I did…

Instead of Creating a “Once and Done” Video, I created an ENTIRE Series of Videos

Each One Directly Connected and Promoting The Following Video in The Series

So You’re Probably Thinking;

What Happened? Did it Work?

Well, Here’s What Happened…

After Posting The Entire Series…

Youtube Started Promoting My Entire Series to Millions of Their Users Who Was Passionate in The Topic of My Videos EVERYDAY on Their Homepage

This Along Gave Me a HUGE Boost in Traffic

Soon After That…

My Videos Started to Appear multiple Times at Once in The “Suggested Video” Section Every Single Day To Millions of Users Interested in The Topic of My Videos

And Yes, That Brought in a TON of Clicks Too

But Here’s the BEST Part

Then, a Few Weeks Later…

My Videos Started to Slowly Climb The Youtube Search Results Until They Were ALL Ranking FIRST For Dozens of HIGHLY Searched Keywords Phrases

Yup, You Guessed it, This Brought in a Whole Heap of Views as Well

All In All…

I Was Driving MORE Traffic More Than Ever Before

Pretty Impressive, Huh

And This Wasn’t Just “Spike” Traffic Either…

Oh No, This Was Far Better… This Was “Evergreen” Traffic

Meaning, These Views Were Coming in All Day, Every Day WITHOUT Fail… All Year Round

Okay, You Can Clearly See…

This Stuff Works a Amazingly Well

And it’s Going to Get You BIG Results… FAST

The REAL Questions Is;

Why Does This Simple Little Formula Work So Damn Well…?

Well, After Some Digging Around;

I Was Able To Get To The Bottom of it

And The Reason Why May Shock You…

You See, There’s Only ONE Thing Youtube Cares About

And That is, to Make as Much Money as Humanly Possible With The Youtube Platform

Everything Else is Secondly to This Objective

So How Does Youtube Make Money?

Easy – They Make Money by Displaying Adverts to People Who Visit Their Site

And You’re Probably Thinking “Yeah, that’s obvious, James”…

But Here’s The KEY Part…

The LONGER People Stay on Youtube, The MORE Money Youtube Makes

…And Their Content Creators For That Matter Too

So to Quench Youtube’s Thirst For Money…

They’ve Designed an Algorithm That Rewards Content Creators Who Keep People on The Youtube Platform The LONGEST

So The Longer You Keep People on Youtube, The MORE Views You’ll Get – it’s as Simple as That, Really

So This is Why This Simple Formula Works so Well…

I Was Keeping People on The Youtube Platform For Literally Hours at a Time

And When You Do That, You’ll NATURALLY Get MORE Likes and Subscribers Too

And With Me Keeping People on Youtube For Hours on End…

Youtube Rewarded Me By Promoting My Videos EVERYDAY on their Homepage and Ranking Me HIGHER in The Search Results as Well

Pretty Cool, Huh 🙂

We’re Not Done Yet…

You See, There’s Another Metric…

This One is Equally as Important as “Watch Time” (Keeping People on The Youtube Platform as Long as You Can)

In Fact, One Metric Won’t Work Without The Other So You Need BOTH to Succeed on Youtube

Oh, And Before You Ask…

You Can Ignore The Other 200+ Metrics Youtube Uses in Their Algorithm to Decide How to Rank and Promote Your Videos on Their Platform

Just Focus on Watch Time and This Other Metric and The Views, Likes and Subscribers Will Come, Naturally

So You’re No Doubt Thinking…

What is This Second and Final Metric You Need to Use in Tandem With The Watch Time Metric to Get Awesome Results on Youtube?

Well it’s Quite Simple, Really…

As it Goes…

I Had This Really Important Video I Needed to Rank

But For Some Weird Reason, it Just Wouldn’t get Traction on Youtube

I Tried Everything as Well…

But Whatever I did, Youtube Was Having None of it and My Video Tanked in The Search Results and They Wouldn’t Promote it Either


After Many Months of Head Scratching…

I Decided to Try Something New – And as Soon as I Put it Into Action – Youtube Started Promoting My Video Like Crazy

…And it Also Started to Slowly Climb The Search Results Until it Hit The No: 1 Spot as Well – Awesome!

Since Then…

I’ve Tried This Method Numerous Times and It’s Worked Like a Charm Every Single Time… Without Fail

So The Question is… What Was it?

Well, All I Did Was…

Increase The Click Through Rate of My Video

But When You Think About it – From a Algorithmic Point of View –  It Makes Perfect Sense Why Youtube Would Rely on These TWO Metrics

For Example:

You Can Have The Best Watch Time in The World, But if Nobody’s Clicking Your Video, You’ll Get ZERO Watch Time… Every Time

But if You Have a HIGH Watch Time and a HIGH CTR… The Views, Likes and Subscribers Will ALL Come Naturally

And Remember…

The Longer People Stay on Youtube, The More Money Youtube Makes

So Getting People to Click The Videos, Then Staying and Watching The Videos is All You Need to Care About

Don’t Believe Me?

Well, if You Know Where to Look, Youtube Tells You This First-hand

In Fact, if You Go Knee-Deep Into The Analytics, You’ll Find it Hidden Away in The “Reach” Tab:

So There You Have it:

Youtube CLEARLY Stating on Their Own Website Everything You Need to Do to Get Youtube to Promote Your Videos For FREE

So You’re Probably Wondering…

So How Do You Increase Click Through Rate?

Well I’ll Be Showing You How Later On in This FREE Training Series

…Along With How to Massively BOOST Watch Time as Well

So Here’s The Take-Away…

First Up, Don’t Create Videos. Instead, Create Engaging Series of Videos That Keep People on The Youtube Platform as Long as You Can

And of Course, I’ll Be Showing How To Do This Later On in This FREE Training Series


The ONLY Metrics You Need to Focus on is Watch Time and Click Through Rate and You Can Ignore Other 200+ Metrics

If You Do This, Youtube Will Love You and Reward You With MORE Views, MORE Likes and MORE Subscribers EVERY TIME

..And that’s it, that’s how to trick the Youtube Algorithm to get views and subscribers fast for free.

So give that a go and I guarantee you’ll get way faster results when it comes to growing your Youtube channel.

Now if you’re ready, you can start the next module here:

Anyway, thanks for going through this part in the Youtube training series – really hope you’ve got a lot of value from it.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop them down below and I’ll do my best to answer them for you.

At the end of the day, I want you to get the best possible results when it comes to growing your Youtube channel…

So please, don’t hesitate and I’ll happily answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in the part in this Youtube training series 🙂

James Scholes



How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

How to Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

Trick The Youtube Algorithm to Get Views & Subscribers FAST for FREE

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