Struggling to Make Money Online? If So, Read This, It’ll Help You to Finally Succeed Online

Struggling to Make Money Online? If So, Read This, It’ll Help You to Finally Succeed Online


Right then, I’ve got something a little different for you today…

That said, this could be the MOST important post I’ve put out to date…

Especially if you’re struggling to make this whole internet marketing thing work and you really want to make money online.

Why? Because in this very post, I really do lay everything out for you – from start to finish – in a very detailed step by step manner.

But more on that in a minute…

First up, I want to quickly tell you about this lady who emailed me the other day…

I’ll put the email below but the jistě of it was how she was struggling to make money online for the last 16 years.

Yeah, you read right, 16 years – that’s a long-ass time to struggle online, it really is.

But yeah, she was telling me she hasn’t succeeded because she’s been scammed and ripped off every single time.

As a result, she no longer trusts anyone due to the amount of times she’s had her fingers burned.

I’ll be brutally honest with you…

From what she told me, I really did feel for her.

I mean, c’mon, we’ve ALL been there…

I know I have, so I know exactly how she felt and what’s she’s going through, right now.

So with that said, I decided to help this lady out – and at the very least – point her in the right direction.

Now before I show you what I said to this lady, I first want to show you what she said to me.

Here’s her email…

=== Start of Email From Mystery Lady ===

I have been on your mailing list for some time now and  have listened to almost every product pitch you’ve sent my way. The problem is I don’t know where to start, or what to do!

I need to make money soon, long story, won’t bore you, but I am writing a novel about the Bronte’s that I’ve been told is a real “Gold Mine” of an idea!

I have a cousin to visit in Germany and a new friend to stay with in England, but no way to get there and not even enough money to get my passport, or my plane ticket!

I am sending this email to ask you to be straight up with me and simply tell me what the easiest and most cost efficient program is to date that you market.

I don’t have money for marketing, or for paid traffic. I do however have enough time on my hands currently to put something that works into action right away. I would like to find something scalable and worthwhile and something that will get me on to doing what I am so fired up about getting on with.

I don’t know if I saved all of the programs I did purchase from you, or where they would be, or how to access any of them, but I remember going over the free Rapid Cash System and thinking how great it sounded!

I didn’t have time to implement anything at the time, but I do now and would really appreciate your help in this matter. I know you are someone who believes in being up front and also in helping others. I’m dead tired of all the guru’s I’ve been scammed by over the last 16 years of trying to make an honest online income.

Please respond, Please help!

Thanks so much,

Mystery Lady

=== End of Email From Mystery Lady ===

This was my reply to the lady…

=== Start of Reply From James ===

Hi Mystery Lady,

Brontes? …As in the Bronte sisters? If so, I don’t live too far from where they’re from.

Dunno if it’s a “Gold mine” as you’ve put it though.


What would I do if I was your situation… Mmmm let me see?

Well I hope you have some IM experience for starters. If not, no worries – just makes things a little easer, that’s all.

Anyway, the first thing I’d do is to follow this free guide I’ve made on how to make your first $100 online for free:

Once you’ve made your first $100 online and you want to really ramp things up, I recommend going through my free training series on how to make a full time income with blogging:

This is everything you need to know on how to make a full time income online with easy to follow and beginner friendly step by step video tutorials anyone can follow and get results from.

The sad fact is, most people won’t act on this – mainly because I’ve given it away for free and people devalue it because there wasn’t a “price tag” stuck onto it. basically, what I’m sayin’ is; don’t be one of these people – this is real actionable content I’ve given you here that can make you a lot of money online… So run with it.

Hope this helps anyway, Mystery Lady 🙂

=== End of Reply From James ===

Now if you’ve read my reply, you’ll notice I basically gave her a complete system on how to make money online from start to finish.

Such as:

    • I told her how to get started by linking to a video that goes in-depth and walks her through the entire process
    • I then linked to a post showing her how to scale it up into a fully-fledge business that will make her a full time income from home (Providing she puts in the work, that is).
    • And I then linked to a resource where she could get all the tools that was mentioned in the second part for free.

So Why Am I Tellin’ You This?


Because I know A LOT of my readers are in the exact same position this lady is in, right now.

As in, they’re struggling to make money online and they desperately need something that truly does work.

Well guess what, I’ve just given you it…

I make money EVERYDAY doing what I shared with that lady and I also know plenty of other people making money this way as well.

I even know people making 6 figures a year doing what I shared with this lady.

Sure, they didn’t hit 6 figures overnight…

In fact, it took them a long time and and it wasn’t ALWAYS plain sailing, either.

However, these people stuck it out, and as a result, are now reaping the rewards.

So if you really want to make money online but you’re not sure how to go about it, then I would suggest to re-read that email I sent to that lady…

Every single thing you need to know on how to make money online is in that email – you just need to read it and then take action.

Regardless if you take action or not, thanks for sticking it out this far – I really do appreciate it.

Till then, stay awesome my friend 🙂

James Scholes


If you are struggling to make money online, then I would also recommend checking my FREE affiliate marketing that will show you how to make money online using FREE methods.

If you are struggling to make money online, then I would also recommend checking my FREE affiliate marketing that will show you how to make money online using FREE methods.

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Struggling to Make Money Online? If So, Read This, It’ll Help You to Finally Succeed Online

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James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Philip Alex

    Hi James,

    Awesome tips, I’ve heard about safeswaps before but haven’t really gotten into it. Do you have any specific tips on which solo ads is worth buying?

    I’m also in a similar position with your mistery lady, my funds are very and I mean very small, I do all the work my self for my blog, but the results are slow so far.

    Enjoy your week, take care mate.


  • Hey Philip,

    The trick is with Safeswaps is to read the seller’s feedback. It works in a very similar way to Ebay in that buyers can leave feedback and share the results with other people.

    I will say this though, not all sellers are equal on there… You’re gonna get some that perform better than others. What I do – and recommend you to do – is to build up your own personal list of solo sellers and adswap partners, and if your funnel is set up correctly and converting… You’ll either break even or profit (That’s not counting the backend sales when promoting to your list).

    When you say you’re hard up Phil, I do know of a method that would help you out massively as I’ve recently discovered and fine tuned this cool way on how to send loads of free, daily traffic on complete auto-pilot to Blogs.

    It involves this software I bought about two years ago and I’ve only just figured it out how to make it work for me in a big way and it has to be the MOST easiest traffic generation method I’ve ever come across to date.

    Obviously there is a cost to the software, think it’s a 100 bucks or something and it’s a one time fee (none of that monthly recurring crap) but if you use it the way I show you, it’ll be the best $100 you’ll invest in your business.

    Anyway, I’ll be Bloggin’ about it in the next week or two Phil so keep your eyes peeled for it 😉

    Thanks for commenting btw

    James Scholes

  • Nick Stickle

    Hi James,
    Like the other commenter, I am very hard up for cash. I when I started out trying to do this whole internet marketing thing I had a fairly decent income and I used it to invest in COUNTLESS gurus and softwraes and plr products, I literally have two TERABYTES worth of PLR products. My website consists mostly of an auto blog system that sits on an internet marketing theme called AuthorityPro. When I begin designing squeeze pages and sales letters from within the theme I find it very complicated and not at all user friendly, and thusly, I have no squeezes set up yet on my main site. It is supposed to be my money site and yet I have not yet found a way to monetize it. I have two other plain sales funnels which are just simple squeeze pages and have generated a list of 70 subscirbers, 35 of which have since unsubscribed. I will take a look at the resources you have provided here, because I definitely need some help. I just wish I coukd find a mentor that could help guide me. I have enough content and website graphics and sales letters and blah blah blah two comprise several internet marketing companies. Enough of my sad tale, I hope you have a great day and thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Nick,

    Sorry to hear about your struggle mate.

    Sounds to me you’re a totally overwhelmed and you’re becoming a little jaded and as a result, you’re hesitant to start new projects because you have doubts if it’ll work out for you.

    What you need is a solid and proven course that’ll take you through the steps and if you use the steps I teach in this post, then you should be okay 😉

    Just remember, you must stick with it and constantly refine the process. Remember: every day is a school day 🙂

    Thanks for posting btw and of course… Hope this helps!

    James Scholes

  • debbie

    Hi James,
    Good information you have here..I have not used safe swaps as yet but heard good things from others on using them for solos.
    I am interested in the software you refer to here..can I get more info?

    Thanks James

  • Yeah Safeswaps is really cool. It has all sorts of cool stuff built in to prevent you from being ripped off and to help you find the best possible person to buy a solo from.

    …The community are really friendly too 🙂

    Btw, what software are you referring to?

    James Scholes

  • Lee

    Hi James,
    I recently implemented your YouTube strategy to try and kickstart an online income promoting Market Health products. I want to reinvest the money I make into your 5iphon system.
    I sourced about 30 videos on the “green bean coffee max” but i am struggling to find any more. I have used video response for each one . As yet I have nt had any success and only a handful of views. How long does it usually take before things start to happen?
    How can I get more views.
    Is there an easier less time consuming way?
    Kind regards Lee . Hatfield UK

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