Easy Youtube Partner Earnings? It Can Be Done… Let Me Show You How!


UPDATE: Since publishing this post, I’ve created a new post with updated methods on how to make money with Youtube from start to finish.

You can get the new updated training for FREE here


Hey guys

Today, I want to show you, perhaps one of the EASIEST ways of making money online. Why? Because not only is this totally beginner friendly, but you don’t need a website, no product to sell, no list to promote to, and best of all… ZERO capital to get started 😉

… All what’s required is you and a little bit of your time!


Well basically, what it involves is becoming a Youtube Partner. If you’re not too sure what that’s all about, let me explain. Becoming a Youtube partner allows you to put little ads BEFORE and DURING your video, and if anyone clicks on them (And by golly they do!) …You make money… Simplez.

youtube partner earnings per view

“Charlie Bit My Finger – Again!” A top youtube partner earnings video that’s estimated to make $100,000 in Adsense revenue in it’s first year!


Another cool thing about this… Your videos can be about ANYTHING you want. it can be anything from attempting a Jackass style stunt like jumping of the roof of your 3 storey house, to giving an opinion on something what’s happening in your life or the world around you at the time.

So not only is this a really easy way of making money but you’ll have a blast in the process!

Now For The Super Sneaky Tricks To Blast Your Youtube Partner Earnings Through The Roof!

Now as you can see… This is a really FUN and EASY way of making some cash online via good old Youtube but as always, especially in the world of internet marketing… There is a certain way to go about things, especially if you want to get the most bang-per-buck  per video you put out there.

Thankfully I’m a up-standing gentleman and I’ve gone to the trouble of explaining everything you need in minute detail from getting approved to getting your vids viewed by thousands of people per day, everyday so you too can start making some nice Youtube Partner earnings starting from today… Cool huh 😉

Video no longer available

UPDATE: Since publishing this post, I’ve created a new post with updated methods on how to make money with Youtube from start to finish.

You can get the new updated training for FREE here


So as you can see, it really is a funky little way of making some fun and easy cash online! And if you apply the tips I mention in the video… I can’t see why your Youtube earnings will go up dramatically.

Will you get rich doing this? Well to be honest, I personally don’t get much per click but if you’re willing to put in the “legwork” and put out tons of videos and build a following and get views on Youtube – and trust me; this is very much possible – I can’t see why this wouldn’t be a nice little Youtube Partner earnings for you 😉

Anyway if you enjoyed the video, then don’t forget to leave a comment and hit a few of those social networking buttons you see dotted all over my Blog… Helps me get the word out about my Blog and in return I can make more of these funky lookin’ vids on my latest findings 😉

Till next time…


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  • R.B.Roberts

    Thanks for the video on Markethealth Youtube videos.I must try this out when I have got the time.Looking forward to some more videos on how to make money online on auto which is not complicated and is free.

  • Dan Baerg

    Hello James
    I make slideshow type Video’s on products from Clickbank and I use there affiliate banners as images and there marketing emails as my content. I also use the product name in my video’s, title, description and tags. Would this be classified as my own video’s? Or Not?

  • admin

    You’re welcome bud.

    Ask any of my long term subscribers and they’ll tell you I’m always sending videos out on my latest finds 😉

    Welcome to my newsletter btw


  • admin

    I’m not 100% sure on this, you’ll have to look it up on Youtube’s TOS.

    But I know one thing for sure, those kinda vids don’t tend to generate their own traffic… You have to promote them ones yourself.

    That’s why I recommend doing vids on current hot topics as they get tons and tons of traffic.

    Hope this helps anyway.

    James Scholes

  • barney Ha

    I think other website proprietors should take this website as an model,
    very clean and excellent user genial style and design, let alone the content.
    You are an expert in this topic!

  • I didn’t realise the significance of the in-line video. Thanks for that.

    Don’t forget to use the text under the video. One client of mine was getting nearly 50% of the traffic to his site from a video on YouTube (this was before his site started ranking in the search engines). That’s a pretty healthy result! Good copywriting and good SEO works on YouTube as well.

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