Got a Problem With Traffic? Not When You See This… [NEW Traffic Generation Trick]



This was gonna be a picture of monkey balls, but I thought “better not”…

You know what sucks monkey-balls? Getting traffic… That’s what.

Absolute pain the ass, I’m tellin’ ya – especially when you’re just starting out.

If only there was a way of getting a whole heap of targeted traffic to your site everyday.

And not only that, but it was totally “set & forget” too…

You know, you do the work once and it comes in every single day for life

Oh, and it was completely free to implement too… That would be pretty sweet, right.

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it… But what if I told you it was possible?

You know, a traffic source that:

  • Drives hungry prospects to your site everyday who actually want to buy your stuff
  • Truly set and forget: so you do the work once and it comes in like clock-work for life
  • 100% free to implement so it cost nothing and you keep all the profits for yourself

Don’t believe me…?

Hey, I wouldn’t either… That’s why I’m gonna back it up right now with solid proof!

Here, take a juicy-gander at this, my friend:



Yup, that’s a 110 people in the last 60 minutes who I’ve marketed to and made sales from.

…And this is happening every single hour too – just imagine that for a minute!

I mean, you can see in the last 48 hours I’ve had 2800 peeps check my stuff out.

And this traffic comes in like clock work, day in, day out, too.

Thinking it’s a fluke? A one-off? Well, here’s another:



This is a newer one so it hasn”t build up full steam yet…

Still, it’s already generating me 460 leads in the last 48 hours.

And this number is only gonna grow and grow over time.

You see, it’s like a snowball – as it rolls down the hill, the bigger it becomes.

And that’s exactly what happens here, except it’s your traffic that grows.

And remember, this is totally “set & forget” and free to implement too.

So the question on your lips must be:

“How the bleedin’ hell are you doing this, James?”

Ah, good question. Well, let me spill the beans for you…

You see, I use little known website called Youtube – you may of heard of it, in fact 😉images

Now, you can’t just bang any ol’ vid up and expect a massive rush of traffic…

Oh no, you have to go about it in a very specific way – especially if you want results like mine.

So where can you get your grubby little mitts on my new fangled formula, eh?

Well, here’s how:

I’ve given the Youtube module in my Evergreen Wealth Formula a complete over-haul.

So this is a completely new methods with all new training videos, showing you how.

And I literally take you step by step through the entire process – from start to finish

It’s killer stuff and I think you’re gonna dig it when you see it, in fact.

Nobody is teaching this stuff either…

So when you implement this, it’s gonna give you a massive edge on your competition.

Now if you’re a Evergreen Wealth Formula member already – awesome, you get it free.

But if you’re not a EWF member, but you want my new Youtube formula, just click here:

>>> Get my NEW fangled Youtube formula here <<<

Trust me: I think you’re gonna really dig it when you see it – I really do.

It’s powerful stuff and other Evergreen Wealth Formula members are saying the same too.

Anyway, if you’re not a EWF member, you can get my new Youtube formula here:

>>> Get my NEW fangled Youtube formula here <<<

As it goes, I’ve just completely updated the EWF course lastnight…

Added new videos, new techniques… The full works, really.

If you haven’t got it already, then this would be an awesome time to grab it.

Seriously, it’s changing people’s life – and if you put it into action – I’m pretty sure it’ll change your life too.

That’s it anyway – just thought I’d share what’s working right now with you, that’s all.

See you in the Evergreen Wealth Formula member’s area soon 🙂

Jame Scholes

About The Author

James Scholes

James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Paul Klanecky

    Hi James,

    I learned a new trick as well for YouTube. You can take a existing YouTube video
    and Encode it to a MP4.

    Use your YouTube encoder and Log in to YouTube account. Go to Upload and click on Live Streaming.

    Prepare your Title and Description the same way using SEO and set the time for the future. Enter your Keywords, select the speed and upload the video.

    Check google about 15 minutes later and your video should show up #1.

    Souce: Facebook Group OMG-LING

    James, I can also email the link to the Tutorial Video if you like Mate.

    Paul Klanecky

  • Hey Paul,

    I’ve actually heard about fast rankings using Live Streaming but I’ve never experimented with it.

    But yeah, you can post a link to it here if you want and I’ll check it out, mate.

    James Scholes

  • steve

    Hi James,

    Just wondering if your course is completely updated for 2016 – ie, of course it’s called “evergreen”, but obviously nothing stays the same on the ever-changing internet.

    Many thanks,


  • Hey Steve… Nice to meet you.

    Regarding your question: oh definitely.

    In fact, I’m always updating the course to make sure it’s always working.

    I’m not one of these marketers who make a living of launching products every month, you see.

    I’d rather focus on one and make it as awesome as possible.

    As it goes, I updated the Youtube module recently to bring it up date with the methods I’m using right now.

    I also added another module a month ago in the advance section of the course on how to make $10K in 7 days as well.

    So yeah, all the actual strategies and methods are rock-solid and work brilliantly in the here and now.

    Hope this answer’s your question anyway, Steve 🙂

    James Scholes

  • pulok

    Hey, james can you suggest any website where i can buy email list.Well I had seen one of your video related to that but i lost the address of the video and when i was watching the video i struggled to understand what you were saying about 100 clicks or something like that.Can you give me the address of any video related to buying email list and explain what email list seller offers by saying 100 clicks or something like that.
    However thanks for all of your help you give me.

  • Hi Pulok,

    I think you’re referring to this guide here:

    What this method teaches you is buying solos which is the nearest you’re getting to buying a email list.

    It’s where you buy an ad in another marketer’s email list and they’ll promote your website as a result.

    Hope this helps anyway, mate 🙂

    Good luck,

    James Scholes

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