How To Make Your FIRST Commission Online… In Just 10 Days Time (Complete Step by Step Blueprint Inside!)


Hey wassup guys… James here.

Got something special for you guys today.

What I’ve done is made a video walking you through a complete system (yep that’s right – from start to finish) on how to make your FIRST commission in …Wait for it… in just 10 days time from now!

Now the best part of this is it’s completely newbie friendly. So there’s none of that website building, complicated SEO that takes months to see results or any of that funny business.

…This is FAST, EASY and FUN to implement…

And like I just said, you should start seeing profits hittin’ your account in just five days time!

And before you ask, this isn’t just a bunch of theory either, in fact, I’ve implemented the EXACT system countless times before and profited every single time so I KNOW this stuff works.

Now here’s the deal. I want you to promise me ONE thing (and I’m talking to people who’re just starting out or are struggling to make money online here) and that is…


Did you know that OVER 95% of people FAIL online due to the simple fact that they don’t take action? And that’s not some number I’m throwing out there, there has been countless case-studies that prove this.

The thing is, people get excited about making money online but then see the system with their own eyes then look for a reason to NOT do it.

Please please please don’t be one them. If you’re new to this, or you’ve been trying to make it

work for you for sometime but for whatever reason, it hasn’t worked out… Then this is who I’ve created the video for.

I’ve made this method as quick and painless as possible to start seeing profits as soon as possible so you’ve got NO excuses now, so TAKE MASSIVE ACTION!

Okay, I think that’s enough “pep talk” so here’s the vid… Dig in and of course… TAKE ACTION…This stuff works man!


Free $688 a day video course

Important Update

Since making this video, Safeswaps solo section has grown so big, it now gets it’s own website called, Udimi. So when you go buy a solo, head over to Udimi instead of Safeswaps.

Buy Solo from Udimi here




As per-usual if you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer them.

Quick heads up: Please don’t email me questions over this, reason being, me answering your questions could potentially help other people who want to implement this so if you’ve got anything to ask… Scroll down and leave a comment 🙂

Now as you can see, this method is a quick and easy way of making a few commissions here and there but if you would like to know how to make $1000 – $2000 a day online (y’know, finally learn how the big boys do it)…

…Then check out my video where I walk you through the ENTIRE process of making $1000 – $2000 a day online of TRUE  “set & forget” income that comes in 24/7… Whether you’re sat at the computer or not.

You can watch my video where I show you everything right here 🙂

Anyways that’s it. I’ll speak to you soon and the meantime… TAKE MASSIVE ACTION… Like I said above… This stuff works, you just gotta do it 😉

James Scholes

About The Author

James Scholes

James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Jeremy Ruggles

    Hey James,

    Great idea for using 5iphon for solo ads. I am new to solo ads and have been hearing good things about them. Do you have any advice on how to create a good ad swipe to send out or how to create a highly converting offer?



  • James Scholes

    As it goes, 5phon gives you some email swipes which are all high converting (I know – I’ve tried them) but if you want to write your own, then there is a few tricks you need to learn.

    The first thing you need to know is, the better you know your market, the more you can write your emails and get a better response. This comes with time but a brilliant way to learn what your lists responds to is actually Safeswaps as you’ll notice how your list responds better to certain types of emails.

    The once they actually respond well i.e. high open rates and click-through-rates, you want to “model” them and use them yourself.

    Your email subject line need to create MASSIVE amounts of curiosity to make your reader open it to find out more. You also want to add a benefit in your subject line as well. So if you’re selling to the “make money online” crowd, then you want to mention how they can start making money… But like I just said… don’t give them everything in the subject line.

    Your email body copy needs to be short and to the point really. the longer the email – and if the link is at the bottom of the email – then less people are gonna click on it… You have to be a master email copywriter and/or have an amazing offer to pull that of.

    There’s some titbits for you but to be honest, that’s only a tiny fraction. It’s someting you’ll have to learn via research but once mastered… You’ll be greatly rewarded 😉

    Hope this helps!

    James Scholes

  • Ralph

    Hello James;Great stuff; looks like you really got it going on;way to go!Ok;well ,looks like I’m finding ways to get hung up on ;but here goes:yikes I hate asking these dumb Questions,lol;
    I noticed in your instruction to grab the video;you swipe the video in the address bar;and I
    have seen some other instruction that uses the Embed thing;what is the diff. in doing either way?Is there something to look out for or what?On another note;I am of the impression that if it
    is on You Tube that they are free to use or distribute;and yea makes sense;on the other hand;if
    you find a video with professional actors promoting a product in a funny way;do you know if you can use this type of material?or does one need some type of permission?Thanks;Ralph

  • James Scholes

    “Looks like I’m finding ways to get hung up on”

    Love that phrase… I’m pinchin’ it 😉

    Erm, I’m not too sure what you’re on about mate, is it something to do with this post or are you on about something else?

    If it’s not about this post, can you email me with a little more detail about what you’re on about please.


  • robert

    Many free build on their site and you can unsign or you loose the list?
    Is this my list or theirs?

    I’ll check it out.

  • Using this method taught in this Blogpost… You own 100% of the list. So if you quit your subscription with 5iphon, you still own and have access to your list.

    Hope this helps


  • Darren Barton

    Hey James,
    Thanks for the link to this post. As you pointed out it is a great point for people starting out, and cuts out a lot of the over whelming info out there….I guess I’ve just got to take massive action !!!
    Thanks, Darren.

  • That’s right Darren.

    Taking action is one half of the equation. Once you’ve got the knowledge, it’s ALL down to you to take MASSIVE action.

    …”Cause nobody else will do it for you.


  • Silvia Wright

    Hi James

    I love the concept, however am a little confused.

    Do I supply the product to sell, or if this provided by 5iphon? I noticed there is no mention of SafeSwaps providing a targeted audience for a particular niche. For example, (we provide online training for the corporate market).

    2. You mention massive action – not a problem at all. However, the system you describe leaves me wondering where the massive action needs to take place as the impression I get is that once set up it is pretty much auto pilot.

    3. SafeSwaps – can you please clarify how many of these lists you suggest we subscribe to per day. You give the example of one, is this per day, per week? At a cost of around $35 this is an important consideration.

    Thanks and look forward to your feedback.



  • Hi Silvia,

    Let me answer your questions for you 🙂

    1. 5iphon automatically supplies you with a backend paid product that you’ll make monthly reacurring commissions on.

    However, you can use ANY product you wish – yours or an affiliate product and it’s very easy to set up once you’ve signed up and inside the members’ area.

    2. Believe it not, people don’t take action for a wide range of reasons… Not JUST because it’s looks hard. Some of the reasons could be that people think it just simply won’t work or once they see the system in action… They go on the search for another way of making money because they find some excuse not to do it.

    Another reason could be that I’ve given it away for free so some people will sub-consiously devalue the method simply ’cause it’s free. After all, if you spend a 100 bucks on something… It must be better than the free version right? This is known as “Higher Perceived Value” and in some cases this stands true but it’s not ALWAYS the case.

    3. You basically want to buy ads in these peoples’ lists. Some lists are gonna be better than others obviously but the once that prove profitable for you… You keep them on a private “Go to” list and you buy solos of them once a month etc.

    Btw, I’ve made a Part 2 to this and I recommend it once you’re having success with this method as you can really scale it up and make a full time income from home.

    …I’ll link to it at the end of this comment for you 🙂

    Anyway, hope this helps!

    James Scholes

  • Silvia Wright

    Hi James

    Thanks for your detailed reply and the Part 2 video. I’ve scheduled some time into my calendar to watch it this week – and look forward to it!


  • You’re welcome Silvia …Just glad I could give you some assistance 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Erik Beni

    Hey James,

    I was on one of your other posts the other day and you where giving away a system for free but you had to post in to facebook twitter and a forum. My forum post was not going through?

  • Hi Erik,

    Forums can be funny ones. Sometime my software can’t see it as you have to login to see the posts

    Anyway, just send me a link to the 3 places you post to to my email address: [email protected] and we’ll get you sorted out 🙂

    James Scholes

  • sandra piquant

    James can you please provide me the link for the tutorial you stated that I would not have to invest anything. NO amount what so ever!!!!. That\’s stated in this video.

  • Hey Sandra,

    If you email me here: [email protected] and I’ll send you it.

    Hope this helps 🙂

    James Scholes

  • viv

    Hi James
    Is this system still works in 2016 Dec ?
    I am very much interested but i can see the videos you created were of 2012.


  • Hi Viv… Nice to meet you.

    Which system are you referring to, exactly?

    If you’re on about my course, the Evergreen Wealth Formula, then yeah, it’s bang up to date.

    In fact, I’m always updating the course to make sure it’s always working.

    I’m not one of these marketers who make a living of launching products every month, you see.

    I’d rather focus on one and make it as awesome as possible.

    As it goes, I updated the Youtube module recently to bring it up date with the methods I’m using right now.

    I also added another module a month ago in the advance section of the course on how to make $10K in 7 days as well.

    The only thing I can think of is that some of the sites might of changed their layout a little.

    But these are just cosmetic changes so I haven’t bothered updating these.

    But yeah, all the actual strategies and methods are rock-solid and work brilliantly in the here and now and beyond.

    Hope this answer’s your question anyway, Viv 🙂

    James Scholes

    P.S. If you wasn’t referring to the Evergreen Wealth Formula, then let me know and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions on that particular subject.

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