How to Make a HIGH Converting Squeeze Page in MINUTES using 100% FREE Tools & Services



POW! Take that costly stuff… Only 100% free stuff in this post, sunshine.

You know, you don’t need bags of money to make it in this game.

In fact, if you’re savvy enough, you can build a business online without spending a cent.

Seriously, you can – I’m talking about a big ol’ 6 figure business too.

Sure, it might take a little longer – and there will be compromises – but it is possible.

Take building a website for example…

Peeps think you need to buy hosting, domain names and all that kinda stuff.

But if you rummage around long enough… You’ll ALWAYS find a free alternative online.

Don’t believe me?

Then allow me to segue into today’s free training and to prove my point in the process 🙂

You see, I’m going to show you how to build a squeeze page using free methods.

And when I say free, I truly mean it too.

You won’t need to pay for hosting, a domain or even a auto responder, for that matter.

In fact, I’m gonna show you how to get all the above completely free.

And don’t worry…

There’s going to be NO time trials or limitations on these services either.

In fact, everything will be fully functioning and you’ll get life time access to these cool toys for FREE too

So yeah…

If you haven’t got any money – yet you wanna make a living online – this is for you.

Here’s how to do it anyway:

How to Make a Squeeze Page for FREE in MINUTES without WordPress - Aweber & Get Response Compatible

===Tools & Resources Mentioned in the Video===

Free “$688 a day” video course <= someone made $25K in 30 days doing this


Enjoyed today’s training want more cool, free stuff from yours truly?

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All you do is connect the dot, then kick back, relax and watch the sales roll in.

Also, it’s 100% free to implement too, so everything you make – you keep.

But hurry, this is only going to be available for a limited time.

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James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Aravind Babu

    I don’t have money to buy your system now. Is there any help you can do ??

  • Hey Arevind… Nice to meet you.

    Regarding your question: your best bet is to checkout my Youtube channel.

    I have a ton of video tutorials on various ways on how to make money online – both free and paid methods:

    I recommend subscribing too…

    I’m always posting video tutorials on new ways of making money online and traffic generation, you see.

    Hope this helps anyway, Arevind 🙂

    James Scholes


    Hi James I really like your stuff and the way you present it have a few squeeze pages but where to put them and not much action happening any suggestions

  • Hey Andrew,

    I take it you’re referring to getting traffic to your squeeze pages, right?

    If so, I teach tons of traffic methods right here on my blog – both free and paid methods.

    You can check ’em all out right here:

    Also, I teach my brand new automated traffic method in my latest version of my course, the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0.

    It’s quick, easy and you can scale up your traffic to whatever level you desire too.

    If you want to check that out, you can do so right here:

    Glad you’re diggin’ my free training and I should be posting more soon 🙂

    Good luck and keep up the good work anyway,

    James Scholes

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