Backlink Strategy that Works & Gets First-Page Rankings Every Time

Backlink Strategy that Works & Gets First-Page Rankings Every Time


Welcome to the final part in this series on how to make money with a WordPress blog.

Yes, that’s right, this is the final part in this training series…

If you’ve been following & implementing it along the way, then give yourself a pat on the back.

We’ve covered a lot ground and if you’ve kept up, you’ve done extremely well 🙂

So What Will we be Covering in The Final Module in This Training Series?

Well if you remember, in the last module, I showed you how to find & buy quality PBN backlinks.

That, and using my keyword research method, will get you ranked for any keyword you want.

However, we’re not done with backlinks just yet…

In this final module, I’ll be sharing my most powerful backlinking method to date.

When you put this backlinking strategy into action, expect a huge jump in the search results.

And not only that, you only need one, maybe two of these backlinks as well.

…Yes, these backlinks are really that powerful.

So if you’re looking for a powerful backlink strategy that works, you’ve found it.

Now a Quick Heads up Before I Share This Powerful Backlink Strategy that Works Really Well with You…

Like I said, you only need one or two of these type of backlinks but no more.

Google’s fine if you do this once or twice because it looks completely natural.

If, however, you go overboard with this backlinking tactic, Google may not approve of it.

I’m not saying Google will ban or penalise your site, but better save than sorry, right.

Really, when it comes to backlinking, you want to use my PBN training 90% of the time.

Then only use this backlinking technique when you want to get a huge jump in the SERP

Oh, One More Thing…

We covered some of these steps in a previous module.

So if some of it looks familiar, don’t worry, you’re not treading old ground…

We just need to copy the first few steps from this module as those steps are the same here too.

Then we’ll be going into brand new methods you’ve never seen before.

So stick with it, it’s definitely worth it.

Anyway, with that said, lets begin…

Here’s the powerful backlink strategy that works and deliver huge results every time.

What You’ll Be Learning Today:

(Click any of the links below to jump to that part of the training)

Watch Training in Video Format

If you prefer to consume your training via video, then you can get the video version here:

SEO Backlink Tutorial | How to get POWERFUL Backlinks to your Website & Get TOP Rankings [PART 9]

However, if you prefer reading, then here’s the writtern version of this training…

Step 1. How to Find High Authority Expired Domains using Free Methods

The first thing we need to do is to head over to the Expired Domains site:

Once you’ve created your free account, then click on the “Column Manager” tab.

Backlink Strategy that Works may seem overwhelming at first, but hopefully this guide will make it easier for you to navigate around.

Then click on the other “Column Manager” tab, then open “Majestic General” dropdown menu.

Backlink Strategy that Works

Click the grey bar to reveal the dropdown menu & select the following Majestic settings

Now tick the following boxes:

    • CF – Majestic Citation Flow
    • TF – Majestic Trust Flow
    • TR – Majestic Trust Ratio (CF/TF)
Powerful Backlink Strategy that Works Wonders

Apart from the Citation Flow, Trust Flow and Trust Ratio, you’re free to activate the other Majestic stats too.

Once you’ve done that, then click the “Save Changes” then “Deleted Domains”.

Powerful Backlink Strategy that Works Wonders

Save the settings and then click on “Deleted Domains”.

Now this should bring up all the domains that have desirable SEO metrics.

However, We’re Not Done Yet…

What we need to do now is to drill down further to find even more targeted domains.

To do this, click on “Show Filter”.

Powerful Backlink Strategy that Works Wonders

Click on “Show Filter” to reveal the filter settings.

Now starting with the “Majestic” tab, put “10” for the “Trust Flow” value.

How to Find HIGH Authority Expired Domains with Traffic for FREE

You can place an even higher value but it will narrow your choice of domains even further.

This will remove thousands of lower authority domains, making our job a lot easier.

Next up, we then go to the “Additional” tab:

Powerful Backlink Strategy that really Works

From there, head to the “Original gTLDs” box and tick the following:

    • com
    • net
    • org
    • biz
    • info
Powerful Backlink Strategy that really Works

These are the TLDs I opt for but you’re free to select more to give you more domains to work with.

Once you’ve done that, we then head to the “Common” tab.

The first thing you do here is to tick the “Only Available Domains” box:

Potent Backlink Strategy that really Works

Head to the “Domain Name Whitelist” box & enter a keyword in the “Contains” box:

Potent Backlink Strategy that really Works

Place your broad, single word keyword that summarises your market here

Now there’s a few things to keep in mind when entering your keyword…

First up, it should be related to your market, obviously.

Secondly, it should be a broad & commonly used word to describe your market.

For example, if you’re going into weight loss market, use these keywords:

    • Weight
    • Fat
    • Diet
    • Health
    • Slim

Going too long-tail or niche specific will eliminate too many domains, you see.

So keep them as single word keywords that are commonly used in your market.

Also, do not enter multiple keywords at once – just use one at a time.

Once you’ve done that, then press “Apply Filter” to confirm the changes. will then bring up all the domains fitting our criteria.

Starting with the “Health” keyword, you can see it brought up 4 domains:

Potent Backlink Strategy that really Works

What we do then is download the file by clicking on the “CSV” symbol:

How to Find HIGH Authority Expired Domains with Traffic for FREE

If you’ve got a tiny list to work with, you can just copy & paste it to your notes instead

Now what we need to do is to find out the domain authority of each domain.

To do this, you can use a free online domain authority bulk checker.

This is the one I use myself:

You can check up to 25 domains for their domain authority at any one time.

If this one isn’t available for whatever reason, then don’t worry…

There’s literally hundreds of these domain authority checkers online.

Just Google the following phrases to find these sites:

    • Bulk domain authority checker
    • Mass domain authority checker
    • Free domain authority checker

…Or something similar

What we do now is paste in up to 25 domains then click “Check Authority” button.

A Backlinking Strategy that Works to get You Ranked in Google

This will reveal the domain authority of each domain

Once it’s scanned the domains, the only stat we care about is the “DA” criteria:

A Backlinking Strategy that Works to get You Ranked in Google

For this training, we’re only focusing on DA which stands for Domain Authority.

Everything else like PA, Spam Score etc can be ignored.

Now what we’re looking for is domains with a DA 20 or better.

If you have any, save them to a document like Notepad with the DA rating next to it.

If you see any domains below DA 20 but you really like them, feel free to save them too.

Once you’ve exhausted that list, click “Show Filter” again & try another keyword:

A Backlinking Strategy that Works to get You Ranked in Google

Paste another broad, single word keyword to see if you can find any high authority niche specific domains.

Then simply rinse and repeat until you’ve build a decent list domains with a DA 20 or better

Still Can’t Find any Domains With DA 20 or Better?

If so, I recommend doing another search, but without keywords.

If you do this, this will give you literally hundreds of domains to work with.

So now you’re probably wondering…

Will Domains Not Related to my Niche Have a Negative SEO Affect?

Let me put it this way…

I’ve took domains from one market and placed them in unrelated markets dozens of times.

The outcome?

They’ve always performed just as well as domains related to the same market.

So no, there’s no repercussions taking niche specific domains & using them in another market.

The only reason why I recommend using keywords is because of an aesthetics issue.

As in, it can look a little more pleasing to the eye, initially.

But apart from that, it’ll make no difference compared to using a niche specific domain.

The most important thing here is getting a domain with the highest DA as possible.

Because like I said before…

The higher the domain authority, the quicker, easier and higher you will rank for your keywords.

So if you want a backlink strategy that works like wonders, high domain authority is key.

Step 2: Checking The History of The Domain for Spam

Right then, you’ve got a list of domains with a domain authority of 20 or better.

What we need to do now is to check the history of these domains.

We do this because we need to make sure they wasn’t abused by the previous owner.

So we don’t want any domains that have previously hosted the following:

    • G-@-m-b-1-i-n-g
    • P-0-r-n
    • V-i-@-g-r-@

…And anything else considered nefarious.

So How Do We Check The Domain’s History?

Easy, we use a free website called the Wayback Machine.

This site will allow us to check the entire history of these domains.

This way, we’ll be able to see whether they were abused or not.

So the first thing we need to do is head over to Wayback Machine:

Now paste in the first domain you’re interested in and press “Browse History”:

A Backlinking Method that Works to get You Ranked in Google

Enter your high authority domain you want to research to see what it was used for before.

Then click on the earliest year Wayback Machine first started to index the domain.

So in the case of my domain,, it’s 2010:

A Backlinking Method that Works Fast

Wayback Machine first indexed my site in 2010

Below the timeline, you’ll see a calendar.

Each dot represents every time Wayback Machine visited this domain:

A Backlinking Method that Works Fast

Just hover your mouse over one of the dots and click on the date to see what was hosted on the domain at that time

You’ll notice in some cases, visits are marked with different colour & size dots.

Here’s what they mean:

    • Blue dots: just a standard visit.
    • Green dots: Wayback Machine was redirected to another URL.
    • Dot size: the bigger the dot, the more times it was indexed

The only one you need to be concerned about are the green dots…

When visiting these dots, make sure it doesn’t redirect you to a bad site.

If it does, then I would ditch the domain and move onto the next one.

Anyway, we then hover our mouse over one of the dots & click on the date to view the site:

A Backlinking Method that Works Fast Every Time

That’s what my site,, looked like way back in 2010.

This will show you what the site looked like on that particular day.

So What Exactly Are We Looking For?

Well like I said above, the red flags are:

    • G-@-m-b-1-i-n-g
    • P-0-r-n
    • V-i-@-g-r-@

If you see any of the above, then I would ditch the domain.

Another thing to look out for is Chinese/Japanese writing on these sites.

To be honest, I don’t know if this is a bad thing but I generally skip domains that have this.

Now I wouldn’t check every time Wayback Machine indexed the site.

Personally, I would only check the last one of each year.

If any red flags appear for a particular year, I would then check the rest for that year.

Checked The History of Your Domain & It Got The All Clear?

If so, then save that to a new document like Notepad with the DA rating next to it.

Then check the rest of your domains & filter all the good ones onto the same document.

That’s it for this step but keep in mind this is a very important part of the process.

If you want this Backlink strategy that works at its peak, you must be thorough when checking.

Otherwise, this method won’t work as well if you use a domain that was abused previously.

anyway, once you’ve done that, we’re now ready for the next step…

Step 3. Gathering all the Old Page URLs using Free Tools

The next step is to take your chosen domain & gather all the old page URLs.

We do because we need to direct all the old page URLs to the page you want to rank.

(Hence why this is an incredibly powerful backlink strategy that works well when done right)

Thankfully, this is easy to do as there’s multiple free services that will help us with this.

So with that said, here’s the free tools I recommend to find the old page URLs…

Moz Link Explorer

The first one I recommend is called Moz Link Explorer.

So head over to Moz and create a free account:

Once you’ve created a free account, go to “Moz Pro” then “Link Explorer”:

This Backlinking Tactic that Works Fast with Moz Pro

Keep in mind when implementing this backlinking strategy that works, Moz will only allow you 10 searches per month when using the free version of Moz Pro.

Then paste in your chosen domain and press the “Analyse” button:

This Backlinking Tactic that Works Fast with Moz Pro

Moz will then bring up a load of SEO related metrics regarding that domain.

What you need to do is to head over to the side panel and click on “Top Pages”:

This Backlinking Tactic that Works Fast with Moz Pro

On this page, you can get all the page URLs that existed at one point for that domain.

So open up Notepad and paste in all the page URLs.

Make sure to get the page URLs with the highest Page Authority & links pointing to them.

This is because these page URLs will be the most beneficial when ranking your site.

If the domain hosted a big site at one point, you may not be able to get all the URLs.

One way around this is to keep rearranging the followings tabs in the “Top Pages” section:

    • PA (Page Authority)
    • Linking Domains
    • External Links

This will rearrange the order & Moz may show you additional URLs that didn’t appear before.

Another option is to simply sign up for Moz’s free 30 day subscription of Moz Pro.

When you do that, you can then get all the page URLs Moz Pro has found for that domain.

SEM Rush

Another option to help you find old page URLs is using another tool called SEM Rush.

So once again, head over to SEM Rush and create a free account:

Once you’ve created your free account, simply paste in the domain & press “Search”:

This Backlinking technique that Works using REM Rush

Then scroll down until you get to the “Indexed Pages” section & click “View full report”:

This Backlinking technique that Works using REM Rush

From there, you want to copy & paste all the page URLs into Notepad like you did with Moz.

Just like Moz, you can click the following tabs to see if SEMRush will reveal more page URLs:

    • Backlinks
    • Domains
    • Last Seen

What you need to do then is to make sure there’s no duplicates URLs in your Notepad.

You can either remove them manually or use a free online service like “Text Fixer”:

Once you’ve removed all the duplicate page URLs, then you’re ready for the next step…

Step 4. Buying your Chosen Domain

The next step is to simply buy your chosen domain.

If you’ve been following this training series, you should already be with a hosting provider.

However, if you’re new here and don’t know any domain registrar, then checkout D9 Hosting.

I’ve been with these guys for over a decade and they’re simply brilliant in my opinion.

It’s a top-notch service and their support is second to none too.

So if you want to use D9 Hosting, you can do so here:

Once you’ve registered your domain, then you’re ready for the next step…

Step 5. Setting up a Addon Domain in your Hosting

The next thing we need to do is to setup a addon domain.

To do this, we need to head to your Cpanel.

If you don’t know how to get to your Cpanel, then follow these instructions…

Starting in the D9 Client Area, hover over “Services” & click on “My Services”:

This Backlink technique that Works using Cpanel

Then select the package you purchased from D9 Hosting:

This Backlink technique that Works using Cpanel

Scroll down and on the left, you should see “Login to Cpanel”:

Simply click “Login to Cpanel” and this will take you to your Cpanel homepage.

Scroll down to to the “Domain” and click on “Addon Domains”:

New Backlink technique that Works using Cpanel

All you need to do is to enter your domain into the “New Domain Name”.

Then click on “Subdomain” box and it’ll auto generate the rest for you:

New Backlink technique that Works using Cpanel

All you do then is press “Add Domain” & you’ve setup a addon domain for your domain.

Once you’ve done that, then you’re ready for the next step…

Step 6. Redirecting all the Old Page URLs & Backlinks to your Site using Cpanel

The next thing we need to do is to redirect the domain & old page URLs.

Now before we redirect the domain & page URLs, you need to decide what you want to rank.

You can either redirect everything to your homepage or one of your inner pages.

It’s entirely up to you – just make sure to do your keyword research before deciding.

Once you’ve made your mind up, then we need to head back to Cpanel again.

Once in Cpanel, go to the “Domains” section & click the “Redirects” icon:

New Backlink technique that Works using Cpanel

This will take you to the “Redirects” page where you can redirect the domain & page URLs.

Here’s how to set everything up correctly…

New Backlink technique that Works using Cpanel

    • Type: select “Permanent (301)
    • https?://(www.)?: select the domain you want to redirect
    • /: add the extension of the old page URL here
    • Redirects to: where you want to redirect domain and old page URLs to
    • Wild Card Redirect: leave unticked

Once you’ve setup the first redirect, then press “Add”.

You would keep doing this until you’ve redirected the all the URLs & domain in your Notepad.

So What Happens Now?

What you’re doing here is redirecting all the backlinks to the page you want to rank in Google.

When you do this, you’re redirecting all the domain and page authority to that one page.

This will send a massive influx of links & authority that forces Google to rank your page higher.

And the higher the page & domain authority, the higher you’ll rank in the search results.

As you can imagine, this is a really powerful backlink strategy that works incredibly well.

So if you’re looking for a potent backlink strategy that works every time…

Then this backlinking method is probably the most potent method you can use in SEO.

Every site I’ve implemented this on has always seen huge gains in Google.

So I’m pretty sure when you put it into action, you’ll get equally awesome results too.

Anyway, with that said…

Congratulations, You’ve Completed This Training & the Entire SEO Training Series!

Thank you for following this entire series on how to make money with a WordPress blog.

I know it’s been a long ride but hopefully you got a lot of value from it.

I’ve definitely enjoyed creating this content for you guys.

All you need to do now is to simply implement what’s taught in this training series.

I’ve literally given you everything you need training wise to succeed online.

You just now need to put it into action and stay consistent.

If you do that, I guarantee you’ll have success with it.

If you’ve got any questions by the way, feel free to drop them down below…

Always love to hear your thoughts or help you out with anything you’re stuck with.

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if you’re interested, you can sign up to my newsletter and get my free course here.

Anyway, I think I’ll leave it at that…

Thanks again for stopping by and I’ll hopefully see you very soon in my next series.

Till then, stay awesome my friend 🙂

James Scholes

P.S. Seriously, give this backlinking technique a go…

If you’re looking for a backlink strategy that works works wonders every time, this is it.

I think you’ll be surprised just how well it works when you see the results.


Backlink Strategy that Works & Gets First-Page Rankings Every Time

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  • Shane

    Hi there James, I just finished your backlinking course on Udemy. Can I just say I thought it was a fantastic course. I look forward to growing a relationship with you through my journey on SEO. I also love the expired website site too. I need to go over this again and give it a try. Thank you Shane

  • Hey Shane,

    That’s great to hear you enjoyed my backlinking course on Udemy.

    If you enjoyed my backlinking course, I have a free course right here on my blog I think you’ll enjoy.

    It basically teaches you how to build an online business from start to finish using SEO.

    So not only will you learn how to make money but how to do SEO as well.

    If you’re interested going through the entire course for free, you can find it here:

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    Hope this helps and good luck with it too, buddy 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Shane

    Hi James, Thanks for the reply I will be watching and learning from your course 100%. Thanks for providing the link. I just had a question on the backlinking to blogs.

    How do you actually link it back to your own page? I was just going to link it back to my website does it work like that?

    OR Do you have to have a blog on your own website so you can choose a link from a dropdown box? As for now I only have the default Hello World blog to choose which i wouldn’t?

    thanks, Shane

  • Hey Shane,

    Regarding your question: yeah, it’s as simple as that, really.

    All you do is put a link to the page you want to link to and that’s it.

    James Scholes

  • Shane

    Sorry James but where do you put the link back to your website exactly? Do I put it in my comment?

  • Shane

    also how long does it take for the links to show up in the Moz bar? I have done a few comments now but my website still says no backlinks? Does this take some time?



  • I would recommend doing what you call a “contextual link”.

    Basically, it’s a link in the post itself, weaved in the writing.

    For example, if you look at the post you’re commenting on, you’ll see I’ve linked to other posts on my blog.

    Well they’re what you call contextual links and that would be the best way to link to my post in my opinion.

    Hope this explains it anyway, Shane 🙂

    James Scholes

  • It can take a while for those links to show up in Moz Link Explorer.

    It all boils down to when Moz finds the links, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to even a few months.

    If you’re trying to build links to your site by commenting on other people’s blogs by the way, I would recommend to follow this guide:

    Most links you get from commenting are nofollow, meaning, they pass no link juice and therefore worthless from an SEO point of view.

    If you follow the guide I’ve linked you to, it’ll show you how to build powerful backlinks from high authority websites that do pass link juice to your site which will help you to rank higher in the search results.

    Hope this helps anyway, mate 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Dharani

    Great idea for powerful backlinks…

  • Thanks, glad you liked it.

    I’ve got more free training on SEO and backlinks here if you’re interested:

    Best of luck with it 🙂

    James Scholes

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