How to Buy PBN Backlinks & Rank no:1 in Google Every Time

How to Buy PBN Backlinks & Rank no:1 in Google Every Time Tutorial


Welcome to the latest part in this training series on how to make money blogging from home.

Hopefully, you’ve been following the series and implementing it along the way.

So if you remember, in the previous training, we optimised our post for SEO.

In today’s training, you’ll see how to drive backlinks to your post buying PBN backlinks.

These are Going to be Super Powerful PBN Backlinks with Really High SEO Metrics too

So when you use these PBN backlinks, you’ll rank fast & start making sales quickly.

Plus, at the end of this post, I’ll be to throwing in a special free bonus as well…

What I’ll be doing is sharing my own list of my premium PBN sellers with you.

So you won’t have to go through the trial and error of finding good PBNs like I did.

Oh no, in fact, you can skip that part entirely & start buying PBN backlinks from the get-to.

Anyway, with that said, lets begin…

Here’s how to buy PBN backlinks & Rank no:1 in Google Every Time:

What You’ll Be Learning Today:

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Getting QUALITY Backlinks to Your Website the EASY Way | POWERFUL Backlinks SEO Strategy [PART 8]

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However, if you prefer reading, then here’s the text version of this training…

If you’re new to buying PBN backlinks, then I recommend starting right here on this step.

This because I’ll be showing you what to look for when searching for quality PBN’s.

It’s important you learn this because there is a lot of low quality PBN sellers out there.

In fact, most PBN’s are a complete waste of time & you’ll get zero SEO results from them.

So once you’ve gone through this, you’ll know exactly what to look for when buying PBN’s.

Anyway, here’s the criteria to look for when finding a quality PBN seller to buy from…

Contextual PBN Backlinks

also known as editorial backlinks, contextual links are the best type of backlinks you can get.

This is because these links have been placed by the site admin & their staff.

When this happens, Google view these links as a recommendation to the site they’ve linked to.

And the higher the domain authority of the website, the stronger the recommendation is.

How to buy PBN backlinks guide

Contextual links are basically links weaved into the post itself. So make sure when buying PBN backlinks, the links are in the post and not anywhere else on the site.

So they’re not like social media or blog comment links…

Anyone can leave those type of links, hence why they’re not has valued as contextual links.

So when you’re looking at samples, make sure the links are in the actual posts themselves.

If the links are located anywhere else on the site, then they’re not real PBN backlinks.

Do-Follow PBN backlinks

It’s absolutely imperative the links you get from the PBN network are do-follow backlinks.

The reason why you want do-follow is because they pass what people call “link juice” on.

Link juice basically means it passes some of the site’s authority on to the site it links to.

And this, of course, obviously helps you to rank higher in the Google search results.

Now if the links are marked as no-follow, then you’ll get absolutely no SEO benefit.

So it’s important you check the links in the PBN that they are do-follow.

Because once again, there is PBN sellers out there that will do this, unfortunately.

Thankfully, it’s really easy to check whether the links are do-follow or not.

You can either check the source code to see if it’s using a no-follow tag:

Buying PBN backlinks tutorial

If you see “nofollow” in the source code, that means the link will pass no SEO link juice to the site it’s linking to.

However, quicker and easier way is to install an extension for your web browser.

A popular browser extension I use myself is one called SEO Quake.

It’s completely free and you can download it from here:

Once you’ve downloaded and installed SEO Quake, click the “cog” symbol:

Then tick the “Highligh no-follow” box like so:

From this point onwards, SEO Quake will highlight every no-follow link you come across.

So when buying PBN backlinks, make sure to check the links are do-follow or not.

Check PBN for OBL

OBL stands for “outbound links”.

Now this come in two flavours: low outbound links and high outbound links.

What we want from our PBN is low outbound links.

In fact, the lower the outbound links are, the more beneficial the link pointing back to our site is.

This is because link juice is divided equally across all links on that particular page.

And the more links that are on the that particular page, the weaker the links become.

So when you’re checking samples, make sure posts only have your links in them.

Also, check the homepage and see how many post are shown…

The more posts with links are shown on the homepage page, the weaker the backlinks become.

Every Site in the PBN Must Have Their own C-Class IP addresses

When buying PBN backlinks, it’s vital each site in the PBN has it’s own C-class IP address.

If sites share the same C-class IP address, that means they’re on the same server.

As a result, this will greatly diminish the power and results of the PBN.

This is because Google will only count the most beneficial link then ignore the rest.

So what you need to do is to check the PBN for any duplicate C-class IP addresses.

Once again, this is really easy to do…

All you’ve got to do is ask the PBN for a sample (Ideally, the entire list of sites if you can).

Then paste the list of sites into this here:

Every time a red “Y” appears, that means one or more sites are sharing the same C-class IP:

One to two sites sharing the same C-class IP address is fine, in say, a 50 PBN link package.

However, if 10% of the sites share the same C-class IP address, I’d reach out to the PBN seller.

Tell them about this issue and ask them if they can give you a discounted price.

This is what I do and a lot of times I end up getting the PBN at a lower price point.

Sites Must NOT be Web 2.0 Sites

One thing to be wary of is PBN’s made from Web 2.0 sites…

There’s nothing wrong getting backlinks from Web 2.0 properties, initially.

However, the issue is that there’s only a tiny amount of Web 2.0 sites available online.

So once you’ve bought one or two Web 2.0 based PBN’s, it’ll be worthless buying anymore.

How to buy quality PBN backlinks and rank FAST in Google course

Personally, I wouldn’t bother with Web 2.0 sites. They won’t do your site any harm but it’s better to focus on actual PBN backlinks instead.

This is because you’ll keep getting backlinks from the same C-class IP addresses.

And like I said above, Google will only count the most powerful link then ignore the rest.

So when you’re looking for PBN’s, make sure the seller owns the sites in their PBN’s.

Must Have High SEO Metrics

Last, but by no means least, the sites within the PBN must have good SEO metrics.

This goes without saying but you’d be surprised how many junk PBN’s there are,

In fact, I’d go as far to say the vast majority of PBN’s being sold are crap, these days.

So once again, it’s absolutely crucial you check the SEO metrics of the PBN before ordering.

So What SEO Metrics Should You use When Assessing a PBN?

There’s two sets of metrics I like to go by when I’m considering to buy PBN backlinks…

These being Majestic’s trust flow and Moz’s domain/page authority.

Personally, I find Majestic’s trust flow is a far better gauge on how powerful a backlink is.

That said, if you can’t access Majestic’s data for whatever reason, then Moz will do.

Testing PBN Sites for Majestic Trust Flow

Once again, ask for a sample from the PBN seller (get the entire list of sites if possible).

If you’re going with my preferred choice, Majestic, then head to their site:

Then paste the homepage of the first site and click the “search” icon:

This will take you to Majestic’s site explorer page.

The only metric we care about when it comes to PBN’s is trust flow:

Obviously, the higher the Majestic trust flow is, the more beneficial the link from this site will be.

Remember, this only applies when you have a link on the homepage.

After your site drops off the homepage, the backlink will become less beneficial.

Plus, like I said above, you want a low outbound link rate on the homepage too.

If it has a high outbound link rate, the Majestic trust flow will get divided between all the links.

Now keep in mind Majestic will only allow you to scan so many sites a day.

Thankfully, there is a free alternative you can use…

The site is called SEO Bulk Checker and you can check it out here:

You can even scan multiple sites for majestic trust flow when using SEO Bulk Checker too.

Just paste in your link then click “Check Website Metrics” & you can see the trust flow here:

Testing PBN Sites for Moz’s Domain and Page Authority

Another option is to use Moz’s domain and page authority metric instead.

Once again, the higher the page and domain authority, the more beneficial the link will be.

The domain authority will apply when your post and link is on the homepage.

Then you’ll start to get less domain authority as you drop off the homepage.

To scan the domain authority of a site, we can use the SEO Bulk Checker site again:

Just like before, paste in the sites you want to analyse for domain authority.

Then click “Check Website Metrics” & you can see the domain authority metrics here:

Okay, so you know what to look for when searching to buy PBN backlinks.

So the next question is… Where do you go to find these PBN’s?

Well there’s two places I go when buying PBN backlinks.

The first one is…

How to buy PBN backlinks and rank FAST in Google guide

If you know what you’re looking for, you can find some awesome PBN sellers who’ll sell you some really powerful backlinks at cheap prices.

SEO Clerks is a marketplace completely dedicated all aspects of SEO.

So anything you want to outsource regarding SEO, you can do it right here at SEO Clerks.

I’ve found some great PBN sellers but keep in mind there’s a lot of junk as well.

So make sure to use the methods taught in step 1 to find the good PBN sellers.

Otherwise, you’ll end up buying PBN backlinks that will give you little to no results.

Now don’t blindly buy what appears to look good…

What I recommend is to first contact the PBN seller instead.

If you’re not sure what to ask them, then use this free template I use myself:

I was looking at your offer:


I have a few questions regarding your service, which are:

1. Are these Web 2.0 sites?

2. Do all of your sites have their own unique C-class IP address?

3. Does this apply to the sites in the “Extra” section too?

4. Do you actually you own this PBN or are you just a reseller for it?

5. Can I have a sample as well please.

6. If I make 10 orders, can you do me a discount?


If you’re not buying multiple orders at once by the way, you can delete question 6.

Another thing…

If they don’t give you a sample, I wouldn’t buy from them & move onto the next seller instead.

I tend to find if they don’t give you a sample, it’s because their PBN is of poor quality

That said, it shouldn’t be an issue as most sellers will give you a sample if you ask for one.

Now onto the next place…

How to find and buy PBN backlinks and rank in Google

A lot of SEO’s don’t recommend Fiverr, but me personally, I’ve bought some of my best PBN backlinks from Fiverr.

Now Fiverr gets an extremely bad reputation in the SEO world.

And you know what, I can see why…

The vast majority of backlink gigs on Fiver are complete, utter junk & will get you zero results.

However, with a little caution & digging, it can also be the best place to buy PBN backlinks too.

In fact, I would even go as far to say I’ve bought my best PBN backlinks from Fiverr.

So the potential is there, but you’ve got to go through a lot of stinkers before you strike gold.

(This can be totally bypassed by using my free list of premium PBN seller’s list by the way)

Anyway, like SEO Clerks, don’t buy straight away…

Instead, send them this template I personally use for Fiverr first:


I have a few questions regarding your service, which are:

1. Are these Web 2.0 sites?

2. Do all of your sites have their own unique C-class IP address?

3. Does this apply to the sites in your Standard/Premium packages too?

4. Do you actually you own this PBN or are you just a reseller for it?

5. Can I have a sample as well please?

6. If I make 10 orders, can you do me a discount?


As you can probably see, it’s a slightly modified version of the email we used for SEO Clerks.

However, there is one thing I do recommend you do…

Make sure to add the name of the seller if you’re sending lots of messages in quick succession.

Otherwise your message will get caught in the spam and the seller will never receive it.

Adding their name in the message will make it unique & it won’t get caught in Fiverr’s spam.

Anyway, if you’re happy with their answers, then place an order if you want.

Step 3. Get my Private List of Premium PBN Sellers for FREE

Now if you don’t want to waste the time & money finding good PBN’s, then this is for you…

Over the past two years or so, I’ve been investing a lot of money in buying PBN backlinks.

I’d say I’ve spent roughly $16,000+ on PBN backlinks last year alone.

Unfortunately, quite a bit of that went on crappy PBN’s that delivered zero results SEO wise.

However, after trawling through the mud, I’ve been able to find some exceptional PBN’s.

I’ve used these PBN’s multiple times and they’ve always got me ranked no:1 in Google.

So what I’m going to do is to give you access to these powerful PBN’s as well.

And not only that, I want to give you them free too 🙂

How to get Access to my Premium PBN Sellers for FREE

All you’ve got to do is fill in the form below…

Once you’ve completed the form, you’ll get instant free access to my premium PBN list.

There’s only 2 steps & it should take you no longer than a minute to complete.

Then, once you’ve got access, you too can put these PBN’s into action & get your site ranked.

Here’s the form anyway…

…And that’s How to Buy PBN Backlinks & Rank no:1 in Google Every Time

Thanks for reading my guide on how to buy PBN backlinks.

If you’ve got any questions about buying PBN backlinks then drop them down below.

I’m always here to answer your questions and help you get the results you’re after.

I’ve been doing this for a while so I’m pretty knowledgable on buying PBN backlinks now.

Anyway, you can start the next part in this training series, right here:

Oh, One More Thing…

If this is the first time here, then you may not be aware this is part of a training series.

So for optimal results, I recommend going through the entire training series first.

It’s free to access & it’ll take you from start to finish on how to rank no:1 in Google.

If you’re interested, you can find all the modules, right here:

>>> Click Here to Access Previous Modules <<<

Okay, I think I’ll wrap this up…

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next part in this training series very soon.

James Scholes

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How to find and buy PBN backlinks training

How to Buy PBN Backlinks & Rank no:1 in Google Every Time Guide

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