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Oh c’mon, we’ve all been there…

I’ll level with ya…

I’m a bit late to the party when it comes to Facebook.

On a personal front, it’s never been my bag.

You know, posting status updates and checking out what my friends are up to.

Found it all – you know – a little monotonous, if you know what I mean.

Personally, I’d rather be cracking on with building my empire than looking at cat gifs all day.

But hey, each to their own, right.

Still, there’s no denying Facebook’s potential when it comes to marketing.

In fact, you’d be a complete, utter fool not to tap into the potential of this

For starters, it’s one of the biggest sites out there.

Literally everyone I’ve ever met in my entire life has an account and is active on there too.

…And I bet it’s the same with you too, right.

So yeah, it’s vital to pitch your tent there, as you can see.

Especially if you want to maximise your money-getting potential from your biz.

So as you’ve probably gathered with the title of this post…

I’ve had a wee dibble-dabble with good ol’ Facebook.

First up, I started with Facebook Ads.

I’ll be honest with you…

Couldn’t make that work – just burned a bleedin’ whole in my wallet every single time.

However, Fanpages was a completely different story…


Lots of “Likes” equals lots of traffic, and you can never have enough of that, can you.

I’m finding it’s an awesome way of driving traffic to where ever you want.

In fact, it’s kinda like building a list – except you’re gathering “Likes” not emails.

Then, once you’ve got enough, you can blast ’em where ever you want.

Be it your own product, service, affiliate offer… Whatever you want, really.

And unlike email marketing, it’s all free as it’s on Facebook’s platform.

Now this is awesome an’ll but there is a teeny weeny problem..

That is, to make this worthwhile, you’re gonna need a whole bunch of “Likes”.

And not only that, but you’ll need a constant stream of ’em rolling in too.

Thankfully, I’ve totally got you covered on this 😉


…Because I’ve stumbled across two awesome ways of getting “likes” fast.

In fact, here’s the two methods in a nutshell:

  • Method 1: noob-proof way of getting “Likes” in minutes – sometimes seconds
  • Method 2: a set & forget way of generating “Likes” everyday on auto-pilot

Both are awesome ways of getting lots of “Likes” quickly and easily.

Also, they’re both 100% free to implement too, so you’ve got nothing to lose

I know, I’m good to you, aren’t I 😉

Anyway, I’ll show you how to do this right now.

So dig in and enjoy, my friend:

How to get MORE Likes on Facebook Business Fan Page & Profile Photo Picture for FREE Without Paying

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Hungry for more?

Well you’re in luck ’cause I’ve got something else up my sleeve.

Here’s what it is…

For a limited time, I’m gonna give free access to my latest course absolutely free.

Yup, you heard right… Absolutely blinkin’ free of charge.

But get this…

It’s a completely scaleable system – meaning you can make as much as you want with it.

So whether you want to make a $100 or even a $1K a day… It’s possible with this

And that’s not all…300-take-action

It’s noob-proof friendly so anyone – regardless of experience – can do this.

So if you’ve got zero internet marketing experience… This will still work for you.

Plus, it’s 100% free to implement too.

So not only are getting this free, but it won’t cost you a single cent to implement either.

Pretty sweat, right, but you need to hurry…

Why? Because it’s only going to be available for limited time only.

After that, I’ll be pulling this free offer down and selling it later.

In fact, I plan on doing a big fancy-pants launch with it later on in the year.

So if you want in right now for FREE, rather than wait and pay later for it, then now is the time to act

So click the link below to get free access:


About The Author

James Scholes

James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • chris thiergartner

    looking forward to receiving the ZERO Sellin’ Formula

  • You’re welcome, Chris.

    Make sure to come back and share the results you get with it.

    Good luck,

    James Scholes

  • heartofvegas

    cant imagine how much i can earn on this method, anyway thanks for sharing mate, you got my 2 thumbs up for your marketing strategy when it comes to facebook marketing. but i have some keypoints to say that one of my fanpage were likely to be more frustrating. my fanpage had 1 million likes and suddenly it disappear without clear reason coming from their end (facebook). anyway, i have my new established website my new monetization method

  • I’m not sure what’s going on with your Fanpage if I’m honest with you.

    Your best bet is to contact Facebook and see what they say.

    Me personally, I’ve never had any problems with this whatsoever.

    Anyway, good luck with your new website and monetisation method 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Miguel Pimenta

    Olá James,desde que me afiliei,contigo,cançome de como avançar saltando de video para video,e não vejo maneira de entrar com uma forma de COMEÇAR.Um abraço.

  • Hi Miguel,

    I’ve used Google Translate so I’m not sure if it came out right but if you’ve go any problems, feel free to email me and I’ll help you there.

    James Scholes

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