Evergreen Wealth Formula Update – NEW Youtube Module Added


Evergreen Wealth FormulaBrace yourself – got some awesome news for you today 🙂

Here’s what it is:

I’ve just updated the ENTIRE Youtube module in my Evergreen Wealth Formula course.

This is all new methods I’ve never shared or taught anywhere else.

Trust me, it’s gonna allow you to literally DOMINATE Youtube like a pro.

Yeah, the methods taught in this new module are THAT powerful.

In fact, what is taught in the module alone… I could easily charge $97.

But if you’re a Evergreen Wealth Formula member, you get this free of charge.

And talking of free… It’s now 100% free to implement too.

So it won’t cost you a single cent to get awesome results with Youtube now

Anyway, here’s how to get access:

Simply login and head to the Youtube module in the traffic section.

If you’re not a Evergreen Wealth Formula member – but want access – you can grab it here:

>> Get the EWF and the NEW Youtube module here <<

I think you’re gonna be blown away when you see what’s inside 🙂

And hey, it doesn’t end there either…

As you know, I’m constantly updating and adding to the Evergreen Wealth Formula…

So that said, I’ve got a few more surprises heading your way soon.

I can’t say when ’cause I’m crap at keeping deadlines LOL…

But if you enjoy what I put out, then you’ll love what I’ve got in stall

And if you’re a Evergreen Wealth Formula member, you’ll get everything at no additional cost.

Anyway, let know what you think of the Youtube module.

If you’ve got any questions, hit me up, I’m always here to help, remember 🙂

Speak soon,

James Scholes

P.S. Update: thinking of signing up to the Evergreen Wealth Formula?

If so, I recommend reading this first:

Evergreen Wealth Formula review scam warning

Unfortunately, there’s a big scam going around you need to be aware of.

Reading this post will educate you on the matter so you won’t fall for it.

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  • Yvonne

    I have been getting your series about you tube. I have been researching stuff on line and frankly a lot of BS and liars out there. Then I come across your videos and what a person that truly is there to help. I really don’t know where to start. If you can give me some guidance with where to start with your program that would be great. I am a newbie and never made a dime on the internet yet and have been overwhelmed with so much out there , buy this and five up sells. Anyway, I am willing to do what I have to do to start making money on line. I am afraid of using someone else’s you tube video and getting blocked. I thank you for your time and looking to hear back from you.

  • Hi Yvonne,

    First up, appreciate your kind words.

    It’s always nice to read comments like yours and it makes what I do worthwhile 🙂

    Regarding your question: you’ve got a few options you can take.

    First up, you can use the free “$688 a day” video series you signed up for.

    As it goes, there one guy on Facebook who keeps sending me pictures of his Clickbank cheques and images of his Clickbank account with the money he’s making using the free “$688 a day” training.

    So it definitely works… You just need to stick it out.

    If you don’t want to use other people’s videos, you can either create your own or outsource it – your call, really.

    Another option is to grab my Evergreen Wealth Formula course.

    It’ll take you step by step through the entire process on how to make a full time, passive income online.

    I also give you all the tools and content you need – you just fill in the blanks and you’re good to go.

    Plus, you get one on one email support with me personally for life too.

    If you can’t afford the Evergreen Wealth Formula, then no worries, I have tons of “how to” guides and tutorials right here on my blog and on my internet marketing Youtube channel you can get access to absolutely free of charge.

    I cover lots of ways you can make money online so it’s definitely worth checking out as they’re all free.

    There’s some ideas and options you can try out anyway, Yvonne.

    Hope this helps and good luck 🙂

    James Scholes

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