Fancy Making $2395 of Passive Income a Day?


Hey it’s James


Look, I’m gonna get straight to the point. I’ve made a video that will explain everything you need to know.

All I need to know from you is… Is it’s something you’d be interested in?

If so, let me know by leaving a comment below.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now πŸ˜‰ …Here’s the vid, and of course… Enjoy!


Good news! Since posting this blogpost, you can now get access to my entire business modelΒ right here.Β This is the exact business model I use to make $1000 – $2000 a day of passive income… And I take you – by the hand – all the way πŸ™‚


Just so you know, I’m deadly serious about this but… I ONLY want serious action-takers as this does require a little work. It’s not hard – but it can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re new to internet marketing.

(But hey, I’ll have your back covered on that πŸ˜‰

So any questions or you’re interested in what I’ve got to offer, then just leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

James Scholes

About The Author

James Scholes

James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Isiah

    I am definitely interested!

  • Isiah

    And just incase you didn’t see the first, I’m definitely interested! Thanks for all of your help!

  • Thanks Isiah,

    Yeah, I’m absolutely killin’ it with this. My plan is – if I get enough interest – is to get my subscribers learning & earning in the quickest time pos.

    Thanks for your comment anyhow Isiah… Appreciated πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • katie

    i totally insterested

  • Isaac

    Im really Interested bro

  • Amogh

    Hey James,

    I am really interested in learning your new online Business model strategy.
    It looks really promising and damm i am interested in learning.

  • Ron

    I would be interested

  • That’s great Katie… Really glad to have you onboard!

    I truly believe ANYONE can do this… Providing you’ve got a burning desire to succeed and a proven method of getting there.

    James Scholes

  • Graeme

    I’m up for this, mate – as long as it isn’t mega-bucks!

  • Nice one Ron πŸ™‚

    I think you’re gonna have massive success with what I’ll be teaching. Providing you’re willing to implement what I show you… You should start seeing results in no time at all.

    James Scholes

  • Haha don’t worry Graeme, if I wanted Megabucks, I’d be doing a WSO or one of those Guru style launches with tons of affiliates.

    Do be honest, I can’t be bothered with all that, rather keep it between me, you and my list mate.

    James Scholes

  • Mal

    Sounds really good James – how much will it cost?



  • Ken Peacock

    Hey James,

    Count me in on this for sure ~ your info is always great.

    Any advice on the approx cost of the course?



  • Dunno yet but it won’t be much.

    And don’t worry; there’s gonna be NO upsells, downsells, cross-sell, up down side sells… Or any of that funny business.

    Everything you’re gonna need – I’ll be supplying πŸ™‚

    I will say this though – is a REAL business model. It does require work. It’s not hard, but trust me; it’s well worth it πŸ˜‰

    James Scholes

  • ryan

    yes james i sure am interested. Look forward to hearing more

  • Not sure yet – need to compile all the information but I promise you it won’t be much and of course… It’ll be well worth it.

    I’ve got some great things planned for you guys if I go ahead with it!

    Thanks for commenting anyway Ken… I appreciate it!

    James Scholes

  • rita

    thanks James
    thank you for all the videos
    I am totally interrested

  • Hey Ryan,

    Thanks for your interest, glad to have you onboard πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Hey Rita,

    Glad you’re interested. If you love my FREE stuff, then you’re gonna LOVE this!

    James Scholes

  • harry endres

    ok talk to me.

  • stuart penny

    Hey James I am interested in your passive money making adventure. Please send details as I am keen to learn

  • Hi Harry,

    Will do – just seeing if there is enough serious action takers out there. But yeah… I’ll keep you posted!

    James Scholes

  • Hey Stuart,

    Glad to hear you’re willing to learn. Providing you’re on my list… You’ll be the first to hear about it (And last thinking about it ’cause I’m only gonna share it with you guys).

    James Scholes

  • Zak

    I am definitely interested buddy…!! I am a quick learner, so no need to worry about how much I have to get through..!! πŸ™‚

  • Good. Hopefully – if this happens – then I can share this entire business model with you.

    James Scholes

  • Kyle

    Please share your success secrets and business model. I would love nothing more than to be able to work from home, make good money and spend more time with my family. I feel like I have tried everything. This video gave me one more glimmer of hope. Really hope you pass this on. Thanks!

  • josephcanhelp

    James I am interested

  • Great stuff Jose!

    It really is a great business model – in fact I’m a fortune with it.

    I’ll keep you posted if it gets the green light anyway.

    James Scholes

  • Hey Kyle,

    Actually, you’ve hit on the exact reason why I want to get this to you guys. It’s not about the money – it’s about financial freedom.

    And thankfully, this business module has given me this and hopefully, I can share it with you guys too.

    Thanks anyway Kyle – appreciated πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Abdul

    I’m really interested in your techniques. I would love it if you could teach me a few things. Especially this method. I know I won’t be making money straight off the bat but I really hope you can help me develop my skills.

  • Johan

    Hi James, I liked your “secret” Viral tarffic videos, bought it yesterday and implement it today. Waiting to see what will happen. Looking forward to learn more with this though..

  • Hey Abdul,

    You can make money quite quickly with this but I want people to think of the longterm mindset in all this. A

    All this making money lightning fast is all very well but I’d rather work hard upfront and have money coming in for years to come rather than trying to make a quick buck here and there.

    Basically you’ve got to sacrifice the short-term profits for long-term wealth. Trust me; it’s better that way πŸ˜‰

  • Hi Johan,

    Good stuff – it’s a wicked method for getting traffic. In fact I use it everyday for bringing in set-and-forget traffic to my sites and offers!

    James Scholes

  • Ramondo

    I would definitely be interested!! I look forward to learning how to do this!!

  • Hey Ramondo,

    Glad to hear it. It’s a brilliant business model and I’ve practically all the other businesses I’m in just so I can work on this one it’s that profitable.

    Looking forward to sharing everything if it gets the greenlight πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • John Ruditis

    I am definetly interested, and look forward to hearing about ti from you

  • Nazik

    HelloI, James Scholes!
    I would be happy to have a program with which I could earn at least $ 100 a day (as an affiliate of ClickBank, Amazon, Google Affiliate).
    …I’ve already lost…

  • Hi John,

    If I can generate enough interest, I’ll take it upon myself to make the entire system πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comment btw… I appreciate it.
    James Scholes

  • Hey Nazik,

    Don’t you worry – if you implement what I teach… You’ll make WAY more than $100 a day mate!

    James Scholes

  • Mads Christian MΓΈller

    Count me in.

    I am ready to do some work to make lots of money!

    Mads Moller

  • Hey Mads,

    If you’re willing to work, then you’ll be a good fit for this!


    James Scholes

  • Michael Stratton

    Hi James,

    You’ve definitely got my interest. Hope I’m still in time to get in on the bandwagon.


  • Hi Mike,

    If you’re on my list – and if this indeed happens – then you should get notified in plenty of time πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the comment… Appreciate it.

    James Scholes

  • Ismail

    I am seriously interested with this James.
    – Ismail –

  • Hi Ismail,

    Nice to hear you’re interested bud, I’ll keep you posted if I go ahead with it.

    James Scholes

  • Ismail

    I am one of your list, will i get notified ?

  • Hi Ismail,

    If you’re on my “email” list, then you WILL get notified.

    James Scholes

  • Dennis Estes

    Hi James,

    I am interested in giving it a try! Looking forward to hearing more about it. Thanks!


  • Thanks Dennis,

    I’ll keep you posted via email if it gets the green light.

    Thanks for posting and have a great day btw πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Derek

    Hi James,

    I am definitely interested it and willing to learn your technique. Thanks in advance!

  • Jeffery Freeman

    very interested.I’m ready to learn now

  • Hey that’s cool Derek.

    It’s more than just a technique btw. It’s basically a full blown business model. There is work involved but if you’ve got a burning desire to succeed… Then my system will take care of the rest πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for commenting Derek… Appreciate it.

    James Scholes

  • Hey Jeffery,

    Got nothing to share as of yet but when I do… You’ll be the first to know.

    Thanks for leaving the comment btw.

    James Scholes

  • Derek

    awesome James and my apologies, would love to learn your business model.

  • Abdul

    My plan is to save up some money for university I’m in my first year of College right now. As well as that, I’d much rather work at a computer than an actual job as I have learnt a few things here and there. I hope you can teach me many more skills.

  • Haha no apologies needed πŸ™‚ Just nice you’ve shown an interest.

    Like I said – I’ll keep you posted anyway.

    Thanks again

    James Scholes

  • Hi Abdul,

    My plan is – if I go ahead with this – is to take you right from the beginning – in a step by step manner and not only get you learning very advance marketing but get you earning while you’re learning.

    I can’t guarantee you’ll make money from it of course. All I can do is give you my system. It’s upto you to implement what I give you… Providing I do this of course.

    But yeah, I’m going to make as easy as possible for even the greenest of beginners to make money from this.

    James Scholes

  • Ron

    Start cranking James, the que is getting longer

  • Hey Ron,

    Haha it is isn’t it. Perhaps getting a little more heat for this than I expected.

    Nice to see a fellow Brit interested anyway πŸ˜‰

    James Scholes

  • haston

    Very Interesting JS you have my attention

  • Hey hasten,

    Well keep your eyes peeled, I’ll be emailing soon if it gets the greenlight or not.

    Thanks for your interest anyway Haston, always appreciated πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • brahim

    hi im interessted to make money i need you to send me the info.thanks

  • Hi Brahim,

    I will do if I go ahead with it.

    Thanks for your interest πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Yes, I am definitely interested in this business.

  • Don

    I’m very interested!

  • Abel Querido

    I’m interested to know more about. Thanks.

  • Rob

    Bring it on James! Very interested.

  • Siddik


    I am also defenitely very much interested. Kindly let me know how when can I expect more info on this. How much is it going to cost ? Does your business model based on SEO ?



  • maqsood

    im in james sounds awesome!

  • Hi Siddik,

    Nice to see you’re interested. SEO… No, I do no SEO whatsoever. TBH, I pulled the plug on that years ago. I still do a bit now and then but my business model doesn’t involve at all.

    However, you can add it if you want to make extra income.

    James Scholes

  • Super Duper Maqsood!

    I’ll defo keep you posted mate if I go ahead with it.

    Thanks again and have a great day!

    James Scholes

  • Peter

    I am interested.

  • Hi Peter,

    Great, hopefully we can get this of the ground and get you learnin’ & earnin’ in no time at all πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the comment… It means a lot that you’re interested.

    James Scholes

  • maqsood

    So james do we hve 2 share it with 3 ppl then only we cn download it ?

  • Edward

    Hey James,
    I’m 100% interested. Thanks for the opportunity! I’ll be looking forward to your emails.


  • That’s great Edward.

    I’ll keep you posted (via email of course) if it happens.

    James Scholes

  • No, I’m not going the sharing route with this. The thing is with that is way too many people was cheating it… Even my subscribers who’ve I’ve got to know on a personal level was cheating the system which was annoying.

    That was annoying as hell ’cause I thought they was the last people who would that, but hey… I was wrong so I don’t think I’ll be going down that route again.

    So you thank all those people cheated the system for me not doing them free shared giveaways again.

    James Scholes

  • maqsood

    James what bout uS wo really needs it and don’t cheat what are we gonna do can’t u jus gve ppl like us wo needs it ?

  • Domenic

    Heck Yeah! I am a total noob and I can use a good starting point!

  • Hi Domenic,

    Glad to hear it mate, I’ll keep you posted via email if/when it happens.

    James Scholes

  • Hi Domenic,

    I promise you, if I do this, I’ll try and make it as beginner friendly.

    James Scholes

  • Todd

    Yes, I am very interested. I am trying to learn how to maximize making money online. FOR SURE. Lets get started..

  • Hi Todd,

    That’s great news. Just as long you’re willing to put in the hard work then you should do great!

    James Scholes

  • win

    Hi James,

    I am fascinated by your results on clickbank, but could you guide me on how to start seeing real profit for selling digital products from Clickbank, WF or Clicksure?

    To be frank, I am really tired reading those WSOs on WF that seems not bringing me real profits as promised.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks!

  • Hey Win,

    Well if I do what I’m planning on doing – I’ll show you not only to sell Clickbank, but all the other affiliate as well.

    If you want something right now, then check out this very site. I have loads of guides and tutorials that people would normally charge for that’ll show you how to make money with Clickbank.

    A lot of people will right a lot of the guides of here for the simple reason their free as people view stuff that is free as worthless. Don’t be one of them – check out this site – share tons of quality info that will make you money online.

    James Scholes

  • Hey James,

    I am interested in learning your new online Business model. Plz, do not disturb me if it is not serious. Thanks

  • Of course it’s serious Makhsud,

    Anyway – I’ve just sent an email out with the latest news about it.

    Hope you get it πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Hey James,is your new business model a guaranteed system to make money?let me know so i could go for it

  • Randall Gordon

    hey James i’m on your list, Randall Gordon is the name and I am very much interested in learning this method, please include me.

  • Hi Acne <== Cool first name btw πŸ˜‰ I'm afraid - like all things that involve making money - that you're not guaranteed to make money online. However this entire business model is PROVEN to make money - and lots of it too... But it does require work. But what I plan on doing is giving you everything I know. The exact same website templates, written copy I've used... All packaged with very step by step videos showing you everything I do to get to the level I'm currently at. I really do plan on giving you the farm and there won't be no upsells, downsell, cross-sells, upside downsells or any of that stupid stuff that me, you and everyone else has to endure... I just want to give you everything you need to succeed. Hope this helps anyway Acne. James Scholes

  • Hey Randall,

    Great to hear it, as you’re on my list, you’ll be the first to hear anything. As it goes, just making the videos now.

    Thanks for leaving a comment btw πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Barry

    Hi Mate, I’m interested
    Thanks James
    Cheers Barry

  • Great stuff Barry

    As you’ll probably know – if you’re on my email list – I’ve decided to go ahead with this and hopefully – we can get you learning and earning in no time whatsoever.

    Thanks for posting and showing your interest Barry… Really appreciate it πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Dino

    Lots of enthusiasm up above. Count me in, James.

  • Benny

    Definitely interested!
    Thanks James!

  • Why thank you Benny!

    …Really appreciate that btw, thanks.

    I’ll be posting a new video all about it at some point today so keep your eyes peeled about it.

    Thanks again.

    James Scholes

  • Antonis

    yes i am interested

  • Hey Antonis,

    that’s great news!

    As it goes, I’ve just made an update about this. So if you want to know what the latest news is then I recommend you check out this post:

    Thanks for leaving a comment Antonis πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Mercedes

    Hello James,

    I have been a “passive” watcher untill now, and a lot of the information you are providing makes sense to me, as there are so many different methods one can easily get lost in the “jungle” and from here result several problems:

    1) Which method do I chose?
    2) Is this really going to work out? What guarantees do I have?
    3) (It doesnt seem to work, should I give up?)
    4) I don’t have someone to GUIDE me (this is a huge problem since most people are not experienced and need a supervisor or teacher)
    5) Even when there are teachers most of them are not interested in the “art of teaching” at all
    6) A lot of other problems as a consequence…

    I find this very stressful, and though I consider that your formula is absolutely correct I would also add that people need Patience and Peace of mind, they need to be in a relaxed state above all in order to succeed.

    I have 6 methods that I want to use but I dropped them and am waiting for your “instructions” now simply because I hope you will be a commited teacher. I rather listen to one person who is there fulltime than other methods or people who are not commited to guide, teach or implement measures.

    So I am waiting for your program, and please do not make it cost a lot because my country is BROKEN……..(I am from Portugal and people are getting payed 400 Euros MONTHLY here), sad but true. That is actualy my biggest motivation =)

  • Hey again Mercedes!

    Yes, if you’re serious about generating true wealth online then I would wait for this as I truly believe you’ll be wasting your time with everything else.

    So yeah, save your energy for this… It’ll be worth it πŸ™‚

    Thanks again for commenting Mercedes.

    James Scholes

  • Chris

    I’m interested in any fresh methods you’d like to share!

  • Nice one Chris.

    There’s been an update since making this post. If you wanna read it you can here:

    Thanks for commenting, really appreciate πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Joseph

    IΒ΄m interested and would like to share your experience.

  • That’s great Joseph,

    I’ll be emailing you soon so make sure to watch out for it.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment btw… Really appreciate it πŸ™‚


  • Arthur

    Hi James, thanks so much for the great info I received from you so far.
    I am interested in this new offer. Count me in please.


  • Liz

    I am interested. Thanks

  • That’s great Arthur… And I’m glad you’re really enjoying my free training as well.

    This this post I have made another post about it. You can check it out here if you want:

    Also, I’m posting a video on Saturday showing you exactly what you’re getting so keep your eyes peeled for it πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment… Really appreciate it.

    James Scholes

  • Nice one Liz.

    Since this post – and due to incredible demand – I’m going ahead with it so on Saturday I’m making a video showing you exactly how I’m going to get trained to earn that kind of money.

    It’s looking really good and I can’t wait to share it with you guys πŸ™‚

    I’ll email you when the video is ready.

    James Scholes

  • win

    When are you sending out the wonderful program James? I still found nothing in my ‘inbox’ ! πŸ˜‰

  • I’ve been emailing about it for the last couple of days… Didn’t you get ’em? If not, check your spam.

    Also, I’m gonna be dropping an email about it tomorrow as well as I have something cool to share with you guys.

    James Scholes

  • win

    Cool! But I have checked both my spam folder and inbox, still can’t find anything yet…, anyway, will be looking forward your upcoming email tomorrow, thanks!

  • Mike

    Definitely would be interested. Thanks James

  • Daniel

    Hi James, I’m definitely interested in learning more about your method and getting on board.

  • Hey Daniel,

    Great to hear it! There has been a few developments since this post and as a result… It’s getting launched tonight at 5pm at eastern time.

    I’ve actually created the “Business Model” into a fully-fledge step by step course and you can see what’s actually inside here:

    There will only be limited copies available so if you do want in, make sure to get there sharpish.

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Nick

    Hi James,
    Please count me in! I’d love to know more!


  • Hey Nick,

    We’ve been speaking on Twitter earlier today.

    As it goes, I posted this a good few weeks ago and since then I’ve built the very course that is talked about in this video.

    If you want, you can get access to it here:

    This is everything I do to make a $1000+ a day online, all laid out in a step by step manner… Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    Btw, if you STILL didn’t my email from me, email me here: [email protected] and I’ll personally make sure you get it.

    It’s just that my auto responder company have updated their system and it’s kinda messed things up that’s all.

    Thanks again and any questions or queries… You know where I am πŸ˜‰

    James Scholess

  • Abhi

    I wanna kno more

  • Marc

    James is this anything to do with your coaching program??



  • Hey Marc,

    Nope, it’s my course, which you’ve already got access to I think.

    James Scholes

  • Marc

    Of course mate i have it…i did a video review for it i was so impressed with it(and u know i hate going in front of the camera)…i still follow it like a blue print….really top notch. I thought you had found something else…

    Anyone who has not seen it really should get their finger out and get it…i thought u were going to do a big launch…you should have done so as a WSO….1000 times better than the crap they sell on there just now!!

    Speak soon mate!!

  • There’s nothing to say here but, James, don’t leave me behind! Share your formula to me.

  • Hey Lintang,

    Good news, since making this post, you can now get my entire formula to making $1000+ a day online.

    If you still want in and be taken – step by step – through the entire process… Then you can get access below!

    Hope it helps and thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • mazahir nagm

    Yes I will be more than interested to hear from you, thanks,

  • Hey mazahir – Glad you’re interested, buddy πŸ™‚

    Well I’ve got some good news, since writing this post – I’ve since launched the course and if you’re interested… You can check it out here, buddy.

    Once again, thanks for your interest and I really appreciate it you stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Have a great day πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • shubham ganeriwala

    i am definitely interested
    please help me i am looking for a real genuine way to earn money online, to fund for my studies
    please help

  • Ciska

    Hi James

    I am very interested. Please show me how

  • Hey Ciska,

    Since writing this post, I’ve since brought out the entire system for everyone to use.

    You can check it out here:

    Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    James Scholes



  • Hey Britney… Just seen your comment.

    This is basically the Evergreen Wealth Formula by the way.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog anyway πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • king james

    Well James,

    Its your name sake here from Ghana. Iam here because I still find your quick response to my questions about your program impressive.

    I can bet I have paid way too much money to join an IM training that I never get the kind of attention you gave me.

    Am sorts of thinking, is it because you are not at a guru status yet. All the same as per the commitment I see you put in your blog post and the response you give to your readers proves that yoi will be invaluable to be
    Have as a coach.

    Like i said, if i have to sell my most priced asset left to be in your program then know that i will. I am tired of all these gurus who claims to help people make money online but rather all they do is use a so called funel with Liw Entry, Medium and Highend OTO after buying their initial training thereby if yoi happen not to afford their upgrade they then abscribe your failure to not getting OTO.

    I may not have known you that long till a month ago but have seen about you,iI believe if you can continue then you will be a blessing to many. Please dont chanr, dont ever become like them because ad you can see your subscribers love you the way you are.

    Looking forward to a fruitful working relationship soon.

  • Hey James… Good to hear from you, mate πŸ™‚

    First up, I’m not sure what you mean by “is it because you are not at a guru status yet”?

    To be honest, I don’t really bother with that kinda stuff.

    I’m a one-man-band so I don’t really have any “guru” friends.

    Anyway, nice to see you on my blog – there’s plenty of free training for you to dig in and enjoy.

    And don’t worry… I ain’t changing.

    I’ve been doing this for over 10 years now so I’m beyond changing now lol.

    Don’t forget to share and “like” any posts you enjoy and find useful anyway πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Billy

    hi James!
    i just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for all job you’ve done here!
    it’s just a goldmine for people like me who’s goal is entering to the world of IM.
    ii am interested (no question at all):)
    good luck to all your subscribers and thanks again!

  • Thank you for your kind words, Billy… Appreciate it.

    As it goes, I’m currently making a ton of video tutorials and blogposts and I’ll be posting them soon.

    So yeah, keep your eyes peeled for my future posts and videos.

    Regarding the offer on this page, it eventually turned into my course, the Evergreen Wealth Formula course.

    If you want to get that, you can do so here:

    Hope this helps as usual, Billy πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • I’m definitely interested. Help me.

  • Hey HΓΌseyin,

    If you’re interested in this then I have some good news for you…

    I eventually released this as a fully fledge course which you can get here:

    Hope this helps and good luck with it πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

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