How To Get Thousands of Views on Youtube In Hours For Free!


UPDATE: Since making this video, I now have a better way of getting views to your Youtube videos. This is quicker, easier and 100% free too 🙂

You can watch my NEW video with the IMPROVED methods here


Yep, that’s right… It’s that time of the week again… It’s video tutorial time!

Hope you’re super excited because this week I’m gonna show you how to get more views on Youtube! And these ain’t just couple of extra views… Oh no! I’m gonna show you how to get thousands in just a matter of days… If not hours!

Huh cool.

But before we crack on, you’re probably thinking… “James, it’s all well and good having thousands of views, but apart from making me look like the popular kid in the playground… Why the hell do I need all these views?”

Well until recently I was thinking the same thing, but after some testing I did… I found out two things:

First one being, if your video gets tons of views quickly – that tells the folks over at Youtube HQ that your video pretty swell and it deserve more attention (After all, just give people what they want – NOT what you want them to want) And as a result… Your video starts to show up more and more in the Youtube “Suggested Video” section basically meaning more free targeted traffic to your videos!

How To Get More Views On Youtube For Free

The second thing is, it helps to get your site ranked in Google! So not only are the Youtube boys (and gals) take your views as a factor of how good and how to rank your video etc… But so do Google.

I’m not saying you can rank videos solely of a high view count (but it’d be cool if it was!), all I’m saying is if you want to rank one of your Youtube vids, then having a high view count is one of the factors that you should seriously consider optimizing when ranking one of your videos.

So What’s On The Menu Today?

Anyways… In todays video, I’m gonna show you not one but two famdabbie-dosy ways of increasing your Youtube views. The first method is 100% free to implement and all it requires is Firefox web browser and a cool funky little plugin.

It’s a pretty cool and nifty way of getting more views to your Youtube videos, and like I said… It’s totally free to set up and implement. The only problem with with the “Firefox” method is, it can be a bit resource-hungry… Oh yeah, that and it can drive you nuts too! (You’ll know what I mean once I show you how in the video but of course I show you a way around it 😉

The second method is to simply buy the views. Yeah yeah I know… Nothing sexy about that but you got to be careful with anything like this for two reasons.

1) You want to buy actual HUMAN views, not bot views. If Youtube notice you’re sending bot traffic, they can shut down your video or even worse… Close your Youtbe Channel!

2) There’s a few out there that simply don’t deliver i.e. they take your money then never deliver your views! So you need to find a service that can do both of the above I mentioned. Thankfully I’ve found a service that meets both criteria so I’ve got your back covered on that one too 😉

UPDATE: Since making this video, I now have a better way of getting views to your Youtube videos. This is quickereasier and 100% free too 🙂

You can watch my NEW video with the IMPROVED methods here

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Speak soon.

James Scholes

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  • Koen Reus

    Hi James,

    Thanks for the tips. All these views will come from the same IP, right? Does it actually count all these views? If the pre-roll ad shows up, and the page is reloaded before the actual video starts, does it count as a view too? I personally use Adblock Plus to disable those ads.

    I use other services to get my Youtube views:

    Vagex Viewcount (this also gets you comments, likes and subscribers)
    Those are free services. It’s like an exchange. You view someone elses video, and they view yours.

    Koen, from The Netherlands

  • hassan

    Thanks your sharing is awesome i did not know how to get views but now i got an idea.

  • Thanks, Hassan… Glad you enjoyed it.

    James Scholes

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