Evergreen Wealth Formula is NOT Online Wealth Formula (Two totally different & unrelated products)

Important Evergreen Wealth Formula Update – Please Read ASAP

If you’re thinking of buying the Evergreen Wealth Formula, then it’s really important you read this warning post as there’s a scam involving the Evergreen Wealth Formula and I want to give you a warning to prevent you from being scammed.

>> Read the Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 Review Warning Post Here <<

———————-Original Post———————-

Hey guys – just wanna clear something up.

Recently, I’ve been getting a ton of emails about is my course… The Evergreen Wealth Formula.

What’s happening is people are discovering my course, then they’re doing research to see what other people are saying about it.

Which is fair doos – in fact I would recommend you do this with anything you buy – not just internet marketing courses.195011main_not_the_same_226x170

But what’s happening is people are researching the Evergreen Wealth Formula, coming across this “complaints” site where people report problems with these courses and stuff.

And on this site, there is a lot of complaints for one particular course which is called… Online Wealth Formula.

Now, a lot of people are getting them mixed up. They’re thinking they’re on about my site, the Evergreen Wealth Formula, but in fact they’re on about another course… The Online Wealth formula, which I’ve never heard of until now.

How do I know? Because it says it on the damn page! Yup, that’s right, there’s no mention of my course whatsoever but people are seeing this page and thinking it’s all about my course… But it isn’t at all.

They’re Totally Different & Unrelated Products From Each Other… Hence The Different Name!

The end result of this – like I said at the start – is I’m getting dozens of emails a day, with people calling me a scammer and fraudster, all because this site talking about another product that is totally unrelated to my course.

So hopefully, this will put this to rest now as answering the same questions dozens of time a day is not fun believe it not lol.

Anyway, I made a video about it – just so I can give this message more exposure.

That’s it anyway. If you would like to grab my course – the Evergreen Wealth Formula – you can get it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!

Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Warning - Please Watch If You're buying The Evergreen Wealth Formula

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  • Dave

    Hi James,

    you’re totally right about the mix up. When I first stumbled on the online wealth formula, I was a bit confused especially seeing the negative reviews people were making about it.
    But then again, I immediately realized the difference it had from your evergreen wealth formula.

    Being online for a while and knowing what to look for in a genuine product, I immediately knew it was just a way the owners of the site tried to leverage the trust people have for your course and draw their attention to his fake product.

    Good you brought it to our attention and Hey, we’re following you all through because being online for more than two years as internet marketer, I can always attest you’re the real deal when it comes teaching methods and I know am not alone so KEEP IT UP!


  • Thank you, Dave… Really appreciate it 🙂

    Yeah, I was – and still am in fact – getting dozens of emails about it. That’s why I made this video and blogpost to try and get a bit more exposure about it.

    Thankfully, it’s working as I’m getting less emails about it now.

    Thanks again, Dave and don’t worry… I’ll be keeping it up 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Ndodana Nleya

    Send me the evergreen wealthy formula detailed info. I think I like the product. I’m based in Zimbabwe

  • Hi Ndodana,

    You can learn more about the EWF here:


    Everything is explained in the video and I show you what’s inside the course in the video too.

    Also, there’s tons of testimonials on that page too so you can see what other EWF members are saying about it as well.

    Hope this helps anyway, Ndodana 🙂

    James Scholes

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