I Need YOUR Help!


Okay, what you’re about to see is something I’ve NEVER done in my entire life.

In fact, this was such a huge deal and the mere thought of it use to send shivers down my spine!

film strip

But you know what? I woke up one morning and I thought… Screw it! Lets do it!

So here I am – ready & roarin’ – to share something super cool with you… Just hope you like the direction I’m going in?

Either way – watch the video as I also need YOUR help. Don’t worry, it’ll benefit you – greatly in fact so make sure to watch it all (it’s only a few minutes long, if that).

I Need YOUR Help (Plus Something Totally Awesome!)

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After watching the video (which you better had otherwise they’ll be trouble!) let me know what you want to see.

I can’t do this without you so make sure to tell me what you want.

Thanks for reading/watching and thanks for being awesome 🙂

James Scholes


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About The Author

James Scholes

James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of James-Scholes.com. These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Sarah Todall

    Oh James, you’re so funny in your videos. I’m really looking forward to what you’ve got install by the way.


  • Mark Benwell

    I love your videos James and now we can see you in motion!

  • Tony Gaughan

    I need help just to get started i.e. getting a platform for your many ideas up and running.
    A basic “Getting Started” lesson would be good.

  • Graeme

    The voice has a body! I’m looking forward to what you’ve got for us here James. I love all your Ninja affiliate marketing methods so if there can be any of that kinda stuff, I will be eternally grapefruit!


  • Believe it not – I get that a lot, Sarah.

    Just hope it’s in a good way 😉

    Hopefully you’ll dig my vids btw. they’re gonna be a little “raw” at first but they should get better over time.

    James Scholes

  • Chloe

    Nice to see you James. Looking forward to whatever you decide to make. I get great tips from all your videos. If I make just $50 bucks a day I’m happy. The start to finish money making videos work best for me. Thanks!

  • Yup right’s right, James Scholes… The motion picture!

    Hope you dig it anyway 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Gotcha Tony.

    I’ll look into it when I get time buddy.

    Thanks for watching and leaving a comment btw… Really appreciate it 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Hey Graeme, hope you’re ok bud.

    Glad you’ll be eternally “grapefruit” buddy 😉

    I’ll be sending ’em soon so keep your eyes peeled for them.

    James Scholes

  • Hey Chloe,

    We’ll try and get you learnin’ & earnin’ in no time whatsoever.

    Thanks for watching btw… Really appreciate it 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Lee

    I have always enjoyed your videos. You always provide great information without all the “fancy pants” stuff! Thanks for all you do!

  • Rohit Thakur

    Hey James, you are pretty good in the video, I wonder why you didn’t created videos like this before..

    Great step !!

  • You’re welcome Lee, and I’m glad you enjoy my videos too buddy 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Thanks Rohit… I appreciate it buddy 🙂

    James Scholes

  • David

    Oyy James, I recognize the bloke in the video, so you went all out and hired some redundant exec from BBC…posh accent…once again James great stuff !
    Like the idea of the whiteboard training, is it being setup as a live webinar or do
    we access thru Evergreen and or your blog? For these type of vids is there any sort of Q&A session?
    Happpy Sailing 🙂
    PS liked your last you tube post, targeting traffic and using adsense

  • Hey David,

    On how you’re gonna get the training. Haven’t really thought a lot about it. I should imagine I’ll be emailing it to you as per usual and it’ll be free 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Birdie

    James, I love every bit of training you’ve ever put out there! I love your fun-loving attitude … you’re brilliant!

  • Hey Birdie,

    Glad you’re liking my training, I’ll be hopefully getting more out soon to you and everybody else on my list 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Tony

    Hi James, like a lot of people I feel a sense of confusion about how to get some straightforward information which will allow me to initially earn a part-time income, say, within 3/4 months. That income can then be set aside and used to generate a greater income with the medium term ambition being to be able to work at home full time. The question is, how to start, very part-time, and build up without spending a substantial amount of cash.
    Do you have the answer?


  • Hey Tony,

    To be honest – and what you mentioned here – is the exact reason why I brought out http://www.evergreenwealthformula.com

    …As it’ll give you a straight forward information on how to get started, right upto the super advance stages of making money online.

    It’s because a complete blueprint on how I make a full time living and be able to work from home so I would recommend checking it out as it does look right up your street.

    But yeah, I’ll look into what you’ve said and try and try send you some cool videos on the subject.

    Also, don’t forget to check out other articles on this blog as I have loads of how to videos aimed at beginners on getting started on how to make money online.

    Hope it helps anyway Tony and thanks for stopping by and commenting… Really appreciate it 🙂

    James Scholes

  • Linda strom

    Hi James!

    How nice to see you “live” in person,I just love the way you are!
    My biggest problem is to get good traffic.

    Kindest Linda

  • Hey Linda,

    Thanks for the complement… I appreciate it 🙂

    Yeah, traffic is a biggie to be honest but I’ll look into and see what I can do.

    James Scholes

  • David - GH

    Hey James,

    I finally know you by face. hahaha. Great stuff you got man, keep them coming. Very much appreciated and Following you all through…

    Dave, Ghana

  • Cheers Dave and I appreciate the follow 🙂

    James Scholes

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