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Simple 5 Minute Bitcoin Trading Strategy (Beginner Friendly)

Simple 5 Minute Bitcoin Trading Strategy Tutorial   Remember that free Bitcoin tutorial I did recently? Yeah well, I’ve been receiving some really good feedback for it. In fact, this is what one of my subscribers said about it: So yeah, check it out – especially if you want to make a quick buck with…

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How to Day-Trade Like a PRO using the 4EMA @Philakone Indicator

Day Trade Like a PRO with the 4EMA @Philakone Indicator Tutorial   Have you ever dabbled with day trading? If you have, you’ll know it’s hard as nails to do. Sure, it sounds easy on paper, but trust me, it really isn’t… First up, you’ve got to learn how to read charts like a pro…

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Best Time to Buy and Sell Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Tutorial

In a rush? If so, jump directly to the tutorial here   You’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, right. Of course you have – everyone has (and if you haven’t, where have you been?). Yeah well, I’ve finally decided to jump in and have a dabble to see if I could make a quick buck…

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