How To Make PROFITABLE Youtube Vids in SECONDS without EVER Making One?!


Well… That’s the diet out of the window!

…Just had Fish & Chips in the office (looks like a bed to the untrained eye) and I’m absolutely stuffed.

Dunno if you’ve ever had Fish & Chips how it’s known in little ole’ Blighty but it’s where you get a Cod of fish, soak it in batter, and fry the crap out of it in a deep-pan fryer with some chips (None of those french fries crap either… probba man-chips these!)

Anyway, you’re not here to hear what I’ve had for tea, so lets crack on with today’s cool money makin’ tip πŸ™‚

So What’s On The Menu?

You see what I did there? Menu? Just been talking about food …And I’m now using it as a… Ah never mind.

Anyway, what I want to share with you today is a REALLY COOL way of throwing up profitable Youtube videos, in SECONDS without ever using software or equipment to film a video!

Yeah I know, sounds crazy but I kid you not… This really is possible and I’ve already made a few and started profiting from ’em already.

As it goes, I use to teach a similar method to this but the MASSIVE difference between this NEW method and the old method is the new method is 100% whitehat and you won’t get your Youtube Channel banned for doing this.

In a matter of fact, Youtube WANTS you to do this as they’re the ones who are giving you the tools to do this.

So if you’ve always wanted to make money from Youtube – Whether its through their Google Adsense program, or promoting affiliate products or your own, yet you was camera shy or didn’t think you had the “chops” to make a really cool video that people actually want to view…

…Then what I’m about to show you… Is for you!

So if everything sounds groovy (and it should!), let me show you step by step on how to do it. Trust me, you’re gonna be blown away just how EASY it is to do when you see it with your own eyes!


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And while you’re at it, tell me all about it below in the comments section below… I would love to hear how it goes for you.

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Anyway, that’s it for today’s post, gotta poop anyway… Think those Fish & Chips wanna come out!

James Scholes

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P.S.S.S.S. And if you like Fish & Chips… Leave a comment below, ’cause I’d love to hear all about that too!

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James Scholes

James Scholes is a blogger with 15+ years experience in digital marketing. He specialises in affiliate marketing, SEO and is also the founder/owner of These days, James spends most of his time creating free training on his blog people can use to increase traffic and improve sales in their own businesses.


  • Steve Webster

    This was a great post in my opinion. I was skeptical at first but you were right. The tools are right there in YouTube to do this. I didn’t want to record myself in a video so this makes it so much easier. Thanks.

  • Graeme

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but – since I am from Blackpool – I consider myself a bit of an expert on Fish’n’Chips! So just wanted to give you a thumbs up for partaking of the local delicacy (Y)

    Also your digestive tract is far too fast! It is supposed to take about seven hours for those fish to swim to the dam, so that must be the Weetabix reaching maturity… πŸ™‚

  • Hey Graeme,

    Always nice to meet an authority on Fish & Chips… And the Digestive system πŸ˜‰

    Hope all is well in the land of Blackpool? …Ain’t been there for years!

    James Scholes

  • Glad you’re finding the tip I shared useful. All you gotta do now is put it into action!

    James Scholes

  • Brian Oliver

    Nice video, even better fish and chips!
    Making me hungry now. More traffic, More Chips………

  • Thankfully, I’ve just eaten.

    Full English as it goes so that’ll keep the hunger at bay… For now anyway!


  • Rohit Thakur

    Awesome Video James, I didn’t know that we can do all that stuff on you tube … I never gets tired watching you videos … Awesome Stuff …

  • Hey Rohit… Hope eveything is good bud.

    To be honest, I only found out about it the other week. Seen it but never really played around with it…

    …Sure glad I did though. It’s a great way of making Youtube videos without ever really making one yourself from scratch.

    Great for the camera-shy marketers out there as well who don’t wanna show their face on the internet yet.

    Thanks again Rohit for commenting and it’s always good to hear from you buddy.


  • Graeme

    You don’t know what you’re missing, Sunshine! Now I’ve seen the video, a HUGE thumbs-up! I don’t see anyone else teaching this sort of thing, so all credit to you mate – and an ENGLISHMAN at that!

  • Sunshine… That’s one thing i won’t be missing, not at this time of year anyway lol.

    If you enjoyed this post, then don’t forget to check out the rest of the Blog as the vast majority of the posts here are video tutorials on various way on how to make money online etc.

    Oh, and don’t forget to share the posts you enjoy by hitting the social buttons I’ve got dotted all over the Blog… It’ll help me out and encourage me to do more posts like this one you’re reading now πŸ™‚


  • Darren Barton

    Hi James,
    Another top video tip and truely original post…….the first time that I have read about digestive tracts in a IM post !!!!

    You have put so much info out there for us newbies, I can get a little confused. Is it possible for you to pull some of the key info together into a step by step process ? I know I would find it really useful.
    Thanks again, Darren.

  • Poopin’, Fish & Chips… A wide range of subjects get covered on my Blog… No matter how weird πŸ˜‰

    Yeah you’re right. It can get a little overwhelming if you’re starting out, it’ll be something I’ll look into when I get time.

    In the meantime, if you’re starting out and looking for something to get you started, I’ve got a cool Blogpost that’ll show you how to make your first commission/s in 5 days of implementing it.

    …I’ll link to it at the end of this comment for you if you wanna check it out mate.

    In the meantime, don’t forget to whack one of those social networking buttons if you find any of my stuff helpful πŸ˜‰

    Cheers bud


  • Darren Barton

    Thanks James,
    I also really like the way this new commenting system works, will it work on my Blog ? It is a WordPress setup, what is it called ?
    Thanks, Darren.

  • Yeah it’s really cool isn’t it.

    I actually first came across it on and so I emailed the Blog owner (she’s called Kim Roach btw and her Blog really cool – check it out when you get time).

    And yeah, it works for WordPress, in fact I think it ONLY works for WordPress. It’s a win, win situation for both the Blog owner and the readers as the readers get a free do-follow anchored backlink to their blog while the Blog owner gets a free promotion in return and helps their Blogposts go viral.

    It does more stuff but I bought it for those reasons. Check it out here if you want.

    Yeah it’s an affiliate link, but hey, I’m a internet marketer… It’s how I make my crust πŸ™‚

    That… And I’m actually using it first hand (As you can see in this very Blogpost).

    I think there’s a free version but I never even tried that – saw the potential in this and snapped it up straight away, and very happy with my purchase as well.

    Hope this helps anyway Darren

    James Scholes

  • James Hughes

    Hi James

    First time over at your blog, like the lay out. The share bar makes me a little dizzy though πŸ™‚

    You mention fish and chips, I love fish and chips its my favourite dish. Sometimes you feel like you have eaten a space hopper afterwards though.

    I prefer the comment love system to any other comment system as it attracts more people to comments.


    James Hughes

  • Hey thanks, you’ve just came over from John Thornhill’s Blog haven’t you. Remember seeing your avatar over there.

    Yeah I made the share bar like that so people actually notice it… Like you!

    There’s nothing worse than “Ad Blindness” where people become numb and don’t notice it anymore… Even though some folk find it a little annoying.

    The comment system is new to me too. So far… I’m lovin’ it. It’s basically a win, win situation for bother the Blogger and their readers.

    It does more stuff but that’s what I got it for. You can see what other cool stuff it does here:

    And yeah… Fish and Chips are cool man πŸ˜‰

    Thanks for the visit

  • doug

    Would like to know why you have been BANNED from YOUTUBE tried to go to your channel this what I found “This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.” So is your Ideas legal on youtube or what?

  • Yeah sure, let me explain…

    Basically in competitive niches (Like the internet marketing niche) your competitors will flag your videos. I’ve even seen software created for the sole reason to flag videos.

    …And that’s what happened to me.

    Personally I’ve NEVER flagged a competitor’s video as I find it really dirty and underhand way of marketing. I prefer to “out market” the competition than to result to slimy tactics like these.

    Now do Youtube have problems with my methods? Well let me start of by saying that the method in this post I’ve taught is 100% ethical and Youtube actually want you to do it as they give you the tools to do it…. I’m simply making you aware of it via a video.

    The Youtube Channel in question that got banned. Well it was basically full of “How to” video tutorials on Internet marketing/making money online and everyone who came across it, said it was a stellar resource.

    And it was definitely all content created 100% by me, NO breaking copyright laws in anyway possible.

    They did take issue with one video though (which my competitors flagged themselves or with bots) and they took down my entire Youtube Channel.

    I emailed them about it but they NEVER gave an answer what I was doing wrong.

    You must remember though, Youtube is owned by Google, and Google have a very vivid history of banning people over the slightest thing – if nothing at all!

    Yeah some it may of been justified, but a lot of people I know – both directly and indirectly, have been banned from Google’s Adsense, Search, Youtube, Adwords etc for no reason at all.

    They definitely don’t go into detail why. They just send you a very broad generic email that could mean a wide range of things… It’s upto you to figure out for yourself.

    Have I ever practice blackhat methods? Yeah sure but like I said, the Channel in question was totally whitehat (in my opinion anyway).

    Anyway that’s my answer to your question Doug. Hope it gives you the answer you was looking for.


  • Adrienne

    Hey James,

    Wanted to stop by to see what you had going over here. Nice! Great tip and I’ve heard about YouTube’s editing feature but I make all my own videos. Yes, even in front of the camera but that took me quite a while I admit before I was brave enough.

    I do a lot of screen shot tutorials as well but I can see where this would be a pretty cool and easy thing for people to do. I didn’t realize everything that could be done with this so thanks so much for sharing this. I just may have to try this out myself. Too cool.

    Thanks a bunch and have a great week.


  • Welcome to my Blog Adrienne… Glad you’re diggin’ it.

    Yeah, it took me ages to pluck up the courage but I’m really glad I did as it’s my preferred medium of communicating on the net.

    I also prefer making my own as you have FULL control of every factor but I wanted to share this cool feature as hardly anyone knows about it… Especially the bit where you can use other people’s videos.

    There is a lot of people who simply don’t want to be on camera and I think for those type of people, this method is ideal for them as they can still make high quality informative videos with very little effort.

    Thanks again for visiting Adrienne.


  • Jessica

    Hey James!
    I just started dabbling in affiliate marketing to see how I like it. You have very useful information and I am taking all your advice. Thank you so much!


  • Hey Jezzica,

    Glad you’re finding the info useful. I try to put out the best possible content as I can πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • win

    Hi James,

    The Youtube’s platform on 2013 is not the same with the video you made above, any new update for above video?


  • You can get access to the Youtube Editor right here:

    James Scholes

  • Tony

    That is Cool James. There are lots of ‘SECRETS’ out there. This a one
    that my partner and I will follow through.

  • They no worries Tony – it’s always good to help out a fellow internet marketer πŸ™‚

    Have a great day and thanks for stopping by and commenting!

    James Scholes

  • Scott

    …Just had Fish & Chips in the office (looks like a bed to the untrained eye) and I’m absolutely stuffed.

    You had fish and chips while laid in bed??? I thought I was lazy. Ahahaha

  • It’s the only way my friend πŸ˜‰

    James Scholes

  • Scott

    Yes I like your style!!! πŸ™‚

  • Wow… You’re every where.

    You’re on my Blog, on my Youtube Channel, Google plus… Bleedin’ everywhere, man!

    Glad you’re enjoying my vids anyway πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Raymond

    Thanks for sharing

  • You’re welcome, Raymond… Glad you enjoyed it, buddy πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Awesome Video James, I didn’t know that we can do all that stuff on you tube … I never gets tired watching you videos … Awesome Stuff …

  • Hey no worries, Shawn… Just happy you found it useful, buddy.

    Also – if you want more free training on Youtube – I have a ton of Youtube training right here on this blog if you wanna check it out:

    Thanks again πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • navraj singh

    Its so amazing i loved your idea

  • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • This video is really great. Thanks, James for this outstanding video content.

  • Thank you, Aditya… Glad you enjoyed it.

    Before to checkout the rest of the site as I have tons more training on similar subjects on marketing too.

    Good luck with it anyway πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

  • Thanks for sharing this James. I will try this strategy as I’m struggling to grow my Youtube channel and get subscribers.

  • No problem.

    If you’re struggling to get momentum on Youtube I recommend checking out this guide:

    It’ll show you how to grow your Youtube channel – even if you’ve got zero views and subscribers right now.

    Best of luck with it πŸ™‚

    James Scholes

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