How to Make $10K a Month From Home in 3 Easy Steps – Guide

How to Make $10K a Month From Home in 3 Easy Steps – Free Guide


Right then, I’ve got something pretty awesome for you today…

I’m going to be showing you how to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy steps.

So if you’re looking for a solid way on how to make a consistent income online, you’ve found it.

Now you’re probably wondering what these 3 simple steps entail, right?

If so, read on…

First up, I’ll be showing how to set up a profitable website in literally minutes.

Now don’t worry if you haven’t got hosting, domain or dealing with a WordPress blog

How to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy step even a beginner can profit from Banner

You’ll see how to get your very own website for free in this “$10K a month” guide.

Then I’ll show you how to find a profitable offer you can promote on your site, as well.

Secondly, I’ll be sharing a method with you what I like to call ‘seed traffic’ that will allow you to get lots of targeted traffic to your site as soon as today.

…And when the traffic starts rollin’ in, the sales always soon follow 🙂

This traffic method is quick and easy to do too, even a complete beginner can pull this off.

Then finally, once you’ve built up enough momentum, we’ll be moving to the third part…

This is where we implement the second traffic method in this “$10K a month” guide.

The beauty of this second traffic method is it’s scalability…

Using this traffic method will allow you to scale up your traffic as high as you want.

And the higher you scale up your traffic, the more money you’ll make 🙂

So if you want to make money online but you’re not sure how to do it, then give this a go.

Anyway, with that said…

Here’s how to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy steps even a beginner can profit from.

What You’ll Be Learning Today:

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Step 1. How to set up and monetise your free website in minutes

Now if you want to build a site hosted on your own server, feel free to do so.

However, in this “$10K a month” guide, I’m going to assume you’re a beginner and you don’t have access to these type of tools.

So what I’m going to do is recommend a free alternative instead…

How to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy step even a beginner can profit from for FREE

Using this free alternative will allow you to get set up quicker and easier too.

You won’t have to learn FTP, HTML, CSS or any of that complicated stuff that comes with running your own website either.

So what’s this service called and how do you get free access to it?

Well, it’s called Dual Squeeze and you can get free access to it here:

Now Dual Squeeze does offer a paid option which is roughly 20 bucks a month.

If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend it…

Upgrading will give you access to more features that will allow you to make money quicker.

Anyway, once you’ve signed up and in the Dual Squeeze’s member’s area, there’s a few things to consider.

These are:

    1. Customising your Dual Squeeze site
    2. Finding a profitable affiliate offer to promote
    3. Setting up your auto responder series

Just so you know, these are optional and can be skipped completely.

Reason being, the default customisation settings for Dual Squeeze will work fine as is.

Also, Dual Squeeze comes straight out of the box with an affiliate offer plugged into your site from the get-go.

This affiliate offer converts great when used in conjunction with Dual Squeeze too.

How to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy step with affiliate marketing

Adding an auto responder series isn’t essential either but you will make you more money having one.

Thankfully, I’ve made it easy adding an auto responder as you’ll see further down this guide.

So like I said, if you want to skip these and jump to the next part in this “$10K a month” guide, you can do so here:

>> Click here to jump to step 2 of this “$10K a month” guide <<

For those who want to tweak their Dual Squeeze site, add an auto responder and find a new affiliate offer, read on.

First up, customising your Dual Squeeze website…

login to the Dual Squeeze member’s area then click on “Create New Funnel”:

How to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy step with Dual Squeeze

Now I’m not going into detail on how to edit your Dual Squeeze site….

Reason being, it’s very simple to customise and there’s instructions provided in the member’s area as well.

That said, I do recommend to preview any changes you make to your Dual Squeeze website before it goes live.

Thankfully, this is really easy to do…

Just click “PREVIEW” and you’ll be able to see the current changes you’ve made to your site:

Click preview on Dual Squeeze member's area

Once you’re happy with the changes you’ve made to your site, then click “CREATE SITE”.

The next stop is the affiliate offer…

If you don’t want to promote the built-in Dual Squeeze affiliate offer, you can simply change it to another one.

If so, I recommend going through this free guide on how to find a profitable affiliate offer to promote:

>> How to find high converting products to promote <<

One thing I do recommend that’s not mentioned in this guide is to promote a low priced product…

I’d say something around the $10 – $20 price mark would be ideal in this scenario.

Reason being, low priced affiliate offers will convert a lot easier than more expensive ones.

This will help you to make more sales quicker and it’ll keep you motivated as a result.

Then, later on, you can always change the offer to a more expensive one as your experience grows.

Once you’ve found an affiliate offer to promote, then head back to the Dual Squeeze’s members area…

Scroll down to the “Active DualSqueeze Website(s)” area and paste in your affiliate link on the site you’ve been working on:

Paste your affiliate link into Dual Squeeze Member's area

Click “SAVE” and your Dual Squeeze website will now be monetised with your new affiliate offer.

Next up, adding the auto responder series…

Once again, adding an auto responder series is completely optional.

That said, when done right, an auto responder series can give you a HUGE boost in daily sales.

Now if you don’t know how to create an auto responder series, then don’t worry…

I have some free training on how to create your very own series for maximum profit.

I even supply a free fill-in-the-blanks auto responder series you can use in conjunction with this “$10K a month” guide.

So if you want to get free access to this training and my done-for-you auto responder series, you can find it here:

>> Free auto responder training and done-for-you funnel <<

You would then simply paste your affiliate link into the emails then load those emails into your auto responder.

Once you’ve done that, you’re ready for the next part on how to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy steps…

Step 2. How to start getting lots of traffic today

Okay, so you’ve got your Dual Squeeze site setup and monetised.

We now need to drive traffic to your site so you can start making money.

How to Make $10K a Month From Home in 3 Easy Steps – Free Traffic Guide

As you’re probably aware, there’s literally an unlimited amount of ways to drive traffic to your site.

However, for this part in the “$10K a month” guide, I’m just going to show you the quickest and easiest way to get traffic.

When you do this, you should be able to get hundreds of people to your site as soon as today.

Here’s how to do it anyway…

The quickest and easiest way to drive traffic to your Dual Squeeze site is to use solos.

Solos are basically where you buy ads from email marketers in the same market as you.

However, what’s cool about solo traffic is how targeted the traffic can be…

Meaning, you can make lots of sales from solos – providing your affiliate offer converts, that is.

Now there’s a few places where you can buy solos but the best place in my opinion is Udimi.

You can sign up for a free Udimi account here:


Once you’ve created your free Udimi account, then login to the member’s area.

Now there’s two places where you can buy solos from…

These being the “Find Seller” and “Solo Deals” tabs which can be found here:

Find Solos using Udimi and make $10K a month for free

For this example, we’ll be using the “Find Seller” section to find a quality solo to buy.

So head to the “Find seller” tab then click on the dropdown menu to reveal the entire search menu:

Click here for dropdown menu in Udimi

As you can see, most of these options are self-explanatory.

If you’re not sure what any of the options mean, hover your mouse over it and a popup will appear explaining it in more detail.

Now, a quick tip for you to boost sales…

If you want the highest chance of making sales with your solo, make sure the “Got sales” is on the highest setting:

Make $10K a month with Udimi

This will give you less sellers to work with but the ones left should be the cream of the crop traffic-wise.

…And obviously, the higher the quality of the traffic, the more sales you should make.

I would also recommend reading the reviews from the last few buyers too.

Generally, the more reviews saying they’ve got sales, the stronger the indicator the traffic is high quality:

Look for reviews where they say they made sales in Udimi

Once you’ve found a seller you want to buy a solo from, then you would simply put in an order

You would do this by choosing how many visitors you want to receive then pay by clicking on “Add To Cart”:

Add to cart Udimi

You would then rinse and repeat this process until you’ve hit a 1000 or more email subscribers.

If you want to implement other traffic methods along with the solos, you can checkout my other traffic guides here:

>> Checkout my other free traffic guides here <<

Once you’ve hit the 1000 email subscriber milestone, then you’re ready for the next part in this “$10K a month” guide…

Step 3. Scale up your traffic and start making $10K a month from home

Okay, so you’ve now got a 1000 subscribers… Awesome.

What we need to do now is to leverage those 1000 subscribers to help you get even more traffic, subscribers and sales.

There’s a few ways you can do this but the quickest and easiest way is to do adswaps.

If you don’t know what adswaps are, it’s where two email marketers mail each other’s offer to their own list at the same time.

Here's how to Make $10K a Month From Home in 3 Easy Steps Free Guide

So in your case…

An email marketer will mail a link to your Dual Squeeze site to their list and at the same time you’ll mail their offer to your list.

As you can imagine, this is a great way of growing your list quickly and easily.

However, what’s really cool about this particular traffic method is the insane scaleability of it…

You can keep doing this right up to the point where you’re generating thousands of visitors to your Dual Squeeze site daily.

This means you’ll be generating hundreds of new subscribers and dozens of sales on a daily basis.

…And obviously, you keep doing this until you’re making $10K a month from home 🙂

So you’re probably wondering…

How do you meet up with people who want to do adswaps, James?

Well thankfully, this is really easy to do.

Just like Udimi, there’s a site you can go to and meet like-minded people who are looking for adswap partners.

This website is called Safes-Swaps and you can create a free account here:

Once you’ve created your account and filled in your bio, we then need to add email swipes to your Safe-Swap account.

Thankfully, Dual Squeeze supplies free done-for-you email swipes you can use to advertise your site.

So login to Dual Squeeze’s member’s area then scroll down to the “Traffic Tools” section.

You can then access the free email swipes by clicking on the following dropdown menus:

Get email swipes in Dual Squeeze member's area

You would then head back to Safe-Swaps and add these email swipes by clicking on “ADD NEW SWIPE”.

Once you’ve added your email swipes, it’s time to find an adswap partner…

To find an adwap partner, first head to the “FIND PARTNER” tab:

How to find partners in Safe-Swaps

Now if you’ve just hit the 1000 subscriber mark, keep in mind you’ll only be able to do small adswaps at first.

Obviously, the more adswaps you do, the faster your list will grow and the bigger the adswaps you can participate in.

But for the time being, we have to keep our adswaps small because that’s all we can manage at the moment.

So if you are starting out, I would recommend looking for a partner who can send you around 25 clicks.

Once you’ve seen an adswap partner who fits this criteria, then click on their listing…

Just like Udimi, I would recommend reading the reviews from their previous adswap partners:

Read reviews when looking for adswap partners in Safe-Swaps

Also, just like Udimi again, the key to finding partners with quality traffic is to look for reviews where they mention sales.

Thankfully, Safe-Swaps make this easy as you can filter reviews to see who got sales from their adswaps.

Once you’ve researched a few adswap partners and found the best one, it’s time to put in a proposal…

So visit the adswap partner’s profile then select the amount of clicks you want to swap:

Use slider to select how many clicks you want to send to your adswap partner in Safe-Swaps

With the boxes below, select which ones you want to apply to your adswap.

If you’re not sure what a particular option does, hover your mouse over it and a popup will appear explaining what it means:

Hover mouse over option for more detailed description in Safe-Swaps

Then select which links you want to use and hit “Send Proposal”.

Now don’t stop at one – you want to send out as many adswap proposal as you can.

Because like I said before…

The more adswaps you do, the faster your list will grow and the more sales you’ll make.

In fact, just keep rinsing and repeating this process and you’ll notice your income will start to increase faster as your list grows.

Anyway, with that said…

That’s how to make $10K a month from home in 3 easy steps 🙂

Now a quick heads up before we part for the day, and that is…

Don’t expect overnight results with this “$10K a month” guide – it’s going to take time.

However, if you stick it out and you’re consistent with it, you can make as much as you want with this “$10K a month” guide.

Heck, you can make even more than $10K a month from home if you’re willing to put the time and effort into it.

So if you’re going to do this, commit to it 100 percent and it’s only a matter of time before you crack it.

Anyway, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to drop them down below and I’ll answer your queries for you.

With that said, thanks for stopping by and the best of luck with my “$10K a month” guide 🙂


James Scholes


How to Make $688 a day From Home in 3 Easy Steps – Free Guide

How to Make $10K a Month From Home in 3 Easy Steps – Free Guide

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  • Melvin

    How much will the entire set up process to make 10k monthly cost?

  • Hey Melvin,

    Are you referring to what’s taught on this page?

    If so, it’ll probably cost you around $50 a month to set it up.

    Then it’ll be anywhere from $50 – $200 a week using the traffic methods taught in this video.

    You can of course use any traffic methods with this guide too.

    So if you want to skip the traffic methods shown in this training and use free alternatives instead, you can do that if you want.

    If you don’t know any traffic methods yourself, then I have tons of guides on this subject here:

    I have both free and paid traffic guides so there’s something for everyone.

    Hope this helps and best of luck with it too 🙂

    James Scholes

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