Digital Access Pass Review – Seriously, Don’t Buy It… It’s JUNK

Digital Access Pass Review 2020


I really didn’t want to do this, but I’ve been treated so badly, it’s compelled me to write this Digital Access Pass review and share my experience to warn others.

Anyone who knows me, knows I hardly write reviews. So the fact I’m writing this speaks volumes about the experience I’m about to share with you.

Well, to put it bluntly, DAP doesn’t work – but worse than that – their support is absolutely dreadful.

They’ve literally sold me a broken product and then abandoned me – even though I’ve paid for a whole year of email support and multiple installation fees as well.

Anyway, that’s the shorthand version of it…

Let me break down my experience with Digital Access Pass and their support…

Digital Access Pass review

Digital Access Pass review – a shockingly bad product and even worse customer service.

As soon as I purchased DAP, the installation didn’t work out for whatever reason and it nuked my site.

I thought that’s fine, these things happen sometimes. I can just contact Digital Access Pass support and they can help me with it as I’ve paid for a whole year of email support.

After all, this is what they say on their site:

“You get Unlimited ticket-based support with your purchase of DAP. You can open as many support tickets as you want, and we will work with you until the issue is resolved.”

So I figured everything’s going to be alright.

Anyway, as soon as I contacted DAP support (which is ran by the DAP owners Veena Prashanth and Ravi Jayagopal), every single reply I got was upselling me to purchase their $30 installation fee.

I kept asking how can I do it myself as I like to learn these things so I know how to fix them if the issue ever arises again (plus, I’d paid for a year’s worth of email support, remember).

However, DAP kept refusing to help until I paid the $30 installation fee.

I was a bit annoyed about this as I paid for a whole year of email support, but hey, I needed the site fixing ASAP so I paid the fee.

I accidentally made a duplicate payment for the installation so I contacted them and they said they would refund me for the second payment the next day (However, they never did refund me the duplicate installation fee).

Anyway, after they logged into my site and attempted to install Digital Access Pass, it was still not working correctly.

It wasn’t creating accounts for new members so I contacted them again, unfortunately, things only got worse from here…

They started blaming my hosting provider, even though their DAP Easy Installer plugin said my server had passed all the tests and was fine to install DAP on it.

They told me I needed to turn off a server feature called “MySQL Strict Mode” and I would need to contact my hosting provider and get them to do it.

Personally, this felt like passing the buck, but whatever… I played along.

So I contacted my hosting provider and asked them to turn “MySQL Strict Mode” off.

However, they said they can’t turn it off as it’s a security feature and it’s not fair to the other users who are using the same server as I am.

They also said the plugin vendor (Digital Access Pass) should really update their plugin as it’s a security concern that their plugin only works when this feature is deactivated.

DAP reviews

DAP reviews – my hosting provider telling me if Digital Access Pass only works with MySQL Strict Mode off, then it’s running on out of date code and it needs updating or it won’t work on servers when they get patched with the latest software updates.

So I contacted Digital Access Pass support and they told me this security feature still needs to be turned off otherwise DAP won’t work (even though DAP Easy Installer plugin said other wise).

So what did I do…?

I ended up moving the entire site to a brand new VPS server with MySQL Strict Mode turned off.

Believe me, moving my site wasn’t easy nor was it cheap either, but hey, if it gets DAP working correctly, I’m willing to jump through the loops to get there.

So did Digital Access Pass work after moving my entire site over to a completely new server with MySQL Strict Mode deactivated?

In a word… No, it didn’t.

In fact, it made no difference whatsoever and I still had the same problem as before.

So once again, I contacted Digital Access Pass support to say I’ve done everything they’ve said but it’s still not creating accounts for brand new members.

However, when I tried to submitting my ticket this time, I was a redirected to a 500 Internal Server Error page?

I kept trying to submit my ticket but I kept getting the same outcome every time.

So they was either blocking me from submitting tickets or their helpdesk doesn’t work. Either way, it’s not a good look, is it.

Anyway, I decided to contact DAP directly through their email address.

They’ve replied to this email every time before so I knew firsthand they do receive and read emails to this particular email address.

So I emailed them and patiently waited for a reply.

However, a week had passed but I still hadn’t received a single reply.

Digital Access Pass Review

Digital Access Pass Review – I’m not kidding around when I say this would be better tech support than what you pay for with Digital Access Pass… At least this guy replies back to you!

After a week, I sent another email and waited 2 weeks, but once again, I never received an email from DAP (I even checked my spam to make sure it hadn’t landed in there as well).

I’ve been emailing DAP and asking for assistance for roughly a month now but I haven’t received a single reply from them.

I even tried to join the Digital Access Pass Facebook group to see if I can contact them there – but surprise, surprise – they never accepted me.

They know it’s me too because I had to enter my email that’s associated with my DAP account before they consider approving me.

You’re probably thinking I’ve been one of those customers from hell, but that couldn’t be further from the truth…

In fact, I’ve been nothing but friendly and polite in all my emails because I’m absolutely desperate to fix this issue and I didn’t want to burn my bridges with DAP (yet ironically, here I am, writing this).

But they’ve literally abandoned me by ignoring all my emails and left with a broken product.

So to summarise my experience with Digital Access Pass:

    • Digital Access Pass doesn’t work (it won’t register new members, basically)
    • I’ve paid multiple installation fees but they didn’t install it correctly
    • They never tried to fix DAP after installing it incorrectly
    • They never refunded the second installation fee even though they said they would
    • They’ve ignored my emails for months (even though I’ve paid for email support)

Seriously, I’m so disappointed in how they’ve treated me in this situation… Hence why I’ve written this Digital Access Pass review to warn others so they don’t get suckered in like I did.

Even when I did get a reply, I felt like I was an inconvenience to them, with their single sentence responses. Which is ironic – considering what they say on their site:

“our famous, passionate, bordering-on-insanity technical support. We call it.. “Not Just Technical Support, But FANATIC’nical Support”, our best-in-the-industry tech support service – for help when you need it.”

A bit over the top, but whatever. You’ve got to sell your product, I guess…

But yeah, anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like kicking up a fuss – you really have to push me to make me respond like this, and unfortunately, Digital Access Pass has just done that.

And you know what? I can live with a bad product, providing the support is good – but in Digital Access Pass’ case – they’re both absolutely dreadful.

I mean, let me put it this way…

If DAP came through support wise, I would have at least thought they’re genuinely trying and I wouldn’t have been compelled to write this no-so-favourable Digital Access Pass Review.

The thing is, DAP is so deeply connected into my site and it’s going to be a massive undertaking to overhaul the entire site and connect it up to a new membership plugin… I don’t even know where to begin?

Like I said, I really didn’t want to write this and I’ve thrown them countless lifelines for around a month now in the hope they can turn things around and help me get DAP working like advertised but it hasn’t been the case, unfortunately.

Also, if Digital Access Pass is treating me like this, then I’m pretty sure they’ll treat others like this too.

I’m just astonished how bad the product and support was. I’ve been nothing but nice and polite in my correspondence with Digital Access Pass too.

Anyway, that’s my Digital Access Pass review and my experience dealing with DAP support ran by Veena and Ravi.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to leave them down below and I’ll be more than happy to answer your questions for you – and don’t worry – I won’t leave you hanging like Veena and Ravi would!

Also, if you know of any Digital Access Pass alternatives out there, I’m all ears.

Thanks for reading,

James Scholes


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